• Because people listen, but they don't hear what you are saying. If they understand what impact your meaning of what they said, vs. just knowing what they talked about. Example: If I told you "My mother-in-law is going to come and live with us" Do you see all the things that will change within his family and social life, because his mother-in-law is going to be living in their home. eg: 1.add an extra room on to their home, more poker nights at his house, 3.the kids are going to be sharing a bathroom that now needs handrails... etc etc.. It also can be just a habit of checking to see if you are listening.
  • I've heard the one " you know what I mean " there just ole' saying's through the year's -
  • I find that, in some instances, people use this expression to communicate a socially unacceptable idea while avoiding having to say it explicitly. An example might be... "People like that are bad drivers, you know what I'm sayin'?" Translation: [Insert group identifier here -- ethnic, gender, age, etc.) are bad drivers. . . Warning! Attached video has foul language... . .
  • the trouble is you rarely do know what they mean becuase they cannot tell you....:-(
  • Just to see if you agree. That's my guess.
  • When people say you know what i am saying ' or 'You know what i mean ' it is usually because they lack the verbal skills to be able to explain to you properly exactly what they do mean.
  • Just slang...ya know what I'm sayin'..hear me...get where I'm commin' from...dig?
  • I believe it may be a signifier of a need to have more time to express a point. I'm referring to the use of this phrase prior to making a statement, "Because, you know what?... I organised it yesterday" The speaker has had a mere second or so to gather their thoughts before committing to the final statement, i.e. "I organised it yesterday"
  • It's much worse then they keep saying it when they actually didn't say anything. "It's like..knawhatimean..I'm just you know what i'm sayin..just like..keep it real anshit..know what I'm sayin..cuz i be just..know what I'm know..real shit, son..knowwhutiamen!"
  • That means they know what they're saying. lol

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