• WHAT is with people these days.
  • It makes sense to me.
  • I'm afraid nothing much about the Catholic church makes much sense to me.
  • I'll admit I don't go to church a lot, but my priest always says, "good morning" Being in a more informal setting I believe makes congregations feel more at ease and a part of the service. It is a very strange step, and no, I don't agree. I see congregations losing numbers, and even me, the way I see it is they have to include members more, or less will come. It's a sign of the times. There are churches that encourage participation and people tell me they are a lot of fun. It intrigues me.
  • Gotta keep up that 'mystique', huh? ;-)
  • When did that start, when I went, the priest said it in Croatian and in English. The following is an edit because I did not do the homework assignment: I think the American Catholic church will have a big problem with this. The Italian branch has always had a stick up their ass concerning formalities. It is a style over substance argument. Kind of like Italian cars. Many factions are still against using English and there is a growing trend among conservatives towards the good old Latin mass. I personally don't care. They drove me away a long time ago, I will just end up knowing more ex-catholics.
  • Whatever floats their boat, I guess. Doesn't hurt anyone.
  • I don't go to the Catholic Church, but definitely, if it is a night service.
  • Our Pastor at the end of his sermon always says I love you all and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.That is the love of Christ in us.
  • Sure it makes sense. The Catholic Mass is not a "service" like it is in many Protestant Churches, it is a long congregational PRAYER. It begins with the sign of the cross and ends with the sign of the cross, thus everything in between is the prayer. It makes sense that small talk and greetings don't have a place there. The article states that the priests will no longer say good morning once they make the sign of the cross i.e. begin the prayer ("...whether it was appropriate to say "good morning" once the priest was on the altar and had made the sign of the cross.") This does not seem to mean that priests cannot say Good Morning to Mass-goers as they enter or exit the church, before or after the beginning of the Mass.
  • Their church, their rules. I find most formal rules in any setting kinda stuffy but I was not exactly good with authority figures. It's no worse than requiring kids to recite daily a drone-like repetition pledging allegiance to an inanimate object probably made in China for the sake of blind nationalism. If i ever have a church, I'm warning you all, the service is starting with me getting my gooch licked. My church, my rules.
  • I have never heard any priest say "good morning" from the altar even before this decision was taken. It could be because I always atttended evening mass, but even so they never said "good evening".
  • Yeah, forget social graces and just get on to molesting little boys, driving drunk or some other scandal.
  • our priest always did so i dont get that.
  • That's nuts. When I was Catholic, the priest said 'good morning' at the beginning of every morning sermon. Nothing informal about it. And those other changes are even worse. 'The Lord be with you' >> and with OUR spirits <<???? WTF?????
  • Well mine does, but my Catholic church is pretty informal. I guess it depends on the area, but he also says my the grace of God be with us, and at the end 'Go in peace to love and serve the lord'
  • Saying good morning to the congregation is too informal but raping their kids ain't...gotta love the Cathewlics!
  • Really? I never thought that was informal, so absolutely not.
  • I don't believe much of anything in the catholic religion. I was raised catholic and have no respect for their beliefs about women and the superiority of men. Their scandlas that are not addressed are a disgrace and the fact that they knew child abuse was going on and DID NOTHING about is disgusting. Cardinal Law should be in jail not at the Vatican. Iy will be interesting to see how long this church survives since the enrollment of priests is so low.
  • My priest always says 'Good morning/afternoon/evening.' So to answer your question, no.
  • the question asks which person says hi to whom? are they hella gay or is he hella gay, if he's super hella gay, then he's the one that is learning things.
  • What?? Where did you hear that? Every priest I ever had always said good morning, unless of course it was a vigil mass or midnight mass.
  • This is not a universal rule. I am not a Catholic, but I have attended Catholic services both in the US and Italy, and I have heard Catholic priests say "Good morning" to their congregations. However, some felt -- some years ago now -- that services were becoming too informal, so they may still be avoiding a greeting of that kind. It was quite a while ago, though, that I heard about this.
  • Hell! My priest is so informal, he puts the live football game up on the screen for all the husbands and kids to watch while the mass is happening. That way, EVERYBODY's happy!

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