• Everyone keep to themselves around here.
  • Sure like the adams family LOL!
  • Yes, him and his friends like to drink and smoke dope out in his driveway. He's got another thing coming when I get moved in over there. He's going to get to know the neighborhood police very well.
  • Just an old hag who lives next to me. I try to be nice, but don't worry about her too much.
  • Oh my gosh yes, i have neighbors outside my window which make me nervous. They play loud music, and like to play topless football often coming into my yard. They also 'catcall' me when i leave my house =/ ((Unrelated note, HAPPY WEEKEND Missy! ))
  • They are so far away I cannot see their house ... I am on the land, a country hillbilly :)) I feel for those trapped in prison cell lifestyles ... Peace
  • No can't say I have :D
  • I've had the pokey nosey type. Their an irritation more than anything. Their too curious. However, they have some good points also.
  • Not "uncomfortable", but a bit irritated sometimes.
  • Yes, one in particular freaked me out no end. They were renting next door and thankfully were only there just over a year before moving on. I was a nervous wreck while they were there. However the new tenants are complete angels!
  • I dont have neighbours who freek me out or anything like that they are just highly rude in the repect that they look down your nose at you and turn the other way then you say hello. I once cut their grass they had the front door open they imediatly got up and shut there door never even as much as said thanks ive never said or sdone anything to them they are highly rude people with attitude.
  • Have religious neighbours who make me feel they are watching for the slightest bad ............
  • Yes, I have a male neighbor who is on Mental disibilty, he scares me, he hit his female next door neighbor in the neck/head a few years ago, and I havent spoke to him since. He has always been odd to me, but after he did that he went om my 'be afraid of" list
  • When we first got married we lived in a trailer park. The guy next to us creeped us both out. He didnt work but you would see his blinds moving anytime you were outside.
  • YES! - neighbours with kids the same age as your who EXPECT you to spend time watching their kids and after a while, turn up unexpectedly at your door with their kids for a 'playdate'. Then they come in and expect coffee and whatever else is on offer while the kids wreck your house....sorry for the rant :)
  • I had a neighbor who used foul language and brought in new guys every time and since her bedroom was next to ours, it used to be very bad for us.We used to always be afraid that the kids would listen into all that was happening there.Fortunately for us she left after her daughter got married.Incidentally her daughter was the chip of the old block too! Once we overheard the woman telling her partner that the reason she makes so much racket is because if someone killed her the neighbors(us) would call in the police.
  • Yep! my last neighbour, I named him Mike TV, our houses were attached & every night I could hear his TV over mine, we had a few confrontations over it as he was a very unreasonable guy, this went on for nearly three years, so in the end I decided enough was enough I walked into his house with a sledge hammer & turned off his TV! :-/ I know!!
  • YUP....There are these guys next door that are kinda cool...but all in the same I think smoke crack, or something...and they are kinda loud and obnoxious...and Im pretty sure they cannot be trusted. Only cuz I hear the dude screaming at somebody on the phone at 3 or 4 in the morning alot...and hes really mean. So......Yeah im nervous only cuz I dont know the future.
  • a few oaver the years, but nothing to serious, we have had more trouble with bad tennants who were a bit frightening, our neighbours now are fine .:)
  • In one of our prior apartments, our next door neighbor would always be "happening to be leaving" whenever my wife (and/or her sister or female friends) would come home. He'd stand in his door way and try to be friendly, or act like he wasn't trying to "take in the view".
  • I've had a few over the years, and thank God they've all moved away. One was a lady who had very suspicious looking and acting male friends she did drugs with. They'd stand in her doorway when I left or came home from work. Some would be there even when she wasn't. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes, and pot reeked whenever she opened her door to leave. She was a nice person, but her lifestyle made me very nervous.
  • Yes, the sign next door said 'leased' about 2 weeks ago, a light comes on at night time in different rooms yet I have not seen a moving van or any mail in the mailbox. Very strange to me, are they there or not? Why pay to lease a house when you aren't there??
  • Yes.I was actually stalked by a neighbor,once.A really old delusional man that no body believed was stalking me.Presumably because of my mental health status,I was classified by the local police as being the delusional one.Peeping through my windows,and sending me gifts through the mail,ringing my door bell all the time.Do you have a problem with one of your neighbors,too? I had other people telling me that they saw this person peeping at me,warning my boyfriend at the time to stay away from me,etc.,etc.,etc.*
  • Yes, I say always follow your gut it doesn't lie to you very often if someone makes you nervous for no known reason don't ignore it just stay clear.
  • Yes. When I was in my early 20's, I lived in an apartment with my young son. These two middle eastern guys moved in next door. They seemed cool at first, but one of them was constantly hounding me to go out to dinner with him. I told him I was not interested (as nice as I could). Somehow he got my phone number and he would call me at all hours of the day and night. He started getting really obnoxious and threatening so I ended up calling the police. They disappeared the next day. The apartment manager told me that they left everything like they were there -- dinner still on plates, etc. Weird.

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