• Sorry for what? If I've got free will, then I'm exercising it. And if I don't, then this must be what It wanted.
  • What with all the different kinds of religions I got very confused and decided to not follow any, please forgive my ignorance?
  • I'd probably put my foot in ti with a bit of blapheme: "Jeeezus, they were right all along"!!
  • It would be more like a slap in the face and a "F&$* YOU!"
  • No matter how hard I try I cant pretend! “Gawd” is just a figment of someone’s furtive imagination, just another element of mind control for the masses to follow to help keep them pre-occupied & contented! Sorry!! For what?? Being true to myself & believing in myself! :-/
  • too late for that
  • I'd expect an apology from the Big Bastard. Why'd you make finding you so damned difficult? Peanut butter sandwich miracles?!
  • Yes. I'm sure God has more important things to worry about than than what people think about Him. If it was his #1 priority to have you idol worship Him, well I'll put it this way -- if anyone could make you do it, He could.
  • Why would any real God care if you believed in it or not? This belief and worship stuff is a Pagan thing taken on by bronze age slaves.
  • Even IF there is a god I'm sure he/she/it has many more things to be concerned with than the thoughts or happenings of mere mortal human emotions and thoughts. Go out in your back yard or a public park and pick any one ant and ask yourself if you care one iota what is going on in that ants mind. Now magnify that a billion trillion times over to every ant in the known universe. That's how important we are to any concept of a god IF that important.. It's wishful thinking at best.
  • well I'm meeting and I don't believe in you so I must have done something right but just to make sure let me see your I.D please .. ~Nemo~
  • I have many questions about this hypothetical situation. Why would I see God after I die? Am I supposed to also pretend there's an afterlife? Why would an apology be necessary? Am I supposed to also pretend that the Creator of the Universe desperately wants his creations to believe in him? Why do I need to explain myself to God? Does he know my mind or not? Is all of this because you're speaking specifically of the Christian God? The one that, according to the stories of the Old Testament, is a supremely horrible being that is endlessly angry and insecure? It seems to me there is much more evidence from the Good Book that God is the one with which you don't want to spend eternity. I suppose I'd ask him how to get the hell out of there. That character depicted in the Bible seems less likely to actually exist than any comic book superhero. You might as well replace your "Gawd" above with the Flying Spaghetti Monster; it would make just as much sense to me.
  • I don't think "sorry" would cut it. "Sorry" for what? Finding out you were wrong or not having faith in the first place? I wouldn't buy it for a minute just as I don't buy those death-bed conversions of evil people. Sorry Charlie..too little too late. So if I were an Atheist I'd quietly take my lumps, no excuses, no trying to wiggle out of anything. You make your bed and you lie in pays your money and you takes your chances. Don't wimp out. Take it like a man/woman who has some backbone. You gambled and you lost. Get over it! :)
  • I'd simply say "I didn't think you existed. You gave me no signs"
  • id ask It "if your real, then how come science can see what im thinking by electromagnetic pulses throughout the brain?" and "why does the sex drive decrease" and then "if we were made in your image, than doesn't that mean that you are a destroyer mass murderer and a hypocryte since nobody really doesnt sin?" and finally "why is it that i cant get a girlfriend?"
  • Id say God why did you let me be born ugly and with a learning dissablity?
  • I would tell him I could of done a better job.
  • If you find out there is a Gawd, you already know He knows everything.
  • Kick it in the meta-physicals and steal its shoes.
  • Since I'm probably NOT going to hell anyway would there be a point to arguing? I would however give a piece of what's left of my mind. "Did you REALLY think i was going to believe those other human dip shits when all they want is money from me?" If there really is a gawd he/she/it isn't a punishing god. Those nonsensical words are human words. Why would a god who is busy creating and i assume managing universes be in the least bit concerned with what i believe or not believe? I assume all the people praying and all that might have some explaining to do. Gawd might just ask who the hell did they think they were speaking on his/her/its behalf? I would be more worried if i was a follower/preacher/brain dead moron...whatever. Gawd would say "I gave you a brain and what did you do with it? Use it as applesauce?"
  • I guess I would say "Oh, so THERE you are..."
  • No. "Im sorry" would be silly. It is more like: "OK, so you exist. Next step is to find out if you are moral, or at least trying to be, then I will be able to accept you as a peer."
  • It depends on which god it was, I suppose. If it's one of those loving and forgiving gods, then "I'm sorry" would probably suffice. A god like Mars? Maybe not. Then I'd probably ask what it was like to be a god. I'll bet they'd say they liked it.
  • Why would I have to apologize? After all - wouldn't he have made: the laws of physics? a method of discovering those (and other natural) laws that works so damned well? it impossible to find him via the above or any rational means? me and a huge number of others to be more rational than superstitious? +5
  • yaa good question Mensan that what will happen god tell us (in quran) that when.. in the day of judgment and when the non-beliver see and looking ..they will wish to be a dust and have never been created there will be a lot of conversation between non-beliver and god---non-beliver and angels...non-beliver and the beliver....god tell us a lot about these conversations and if you are interested i'll post some verses..i don't want to bother you posting a bunch of words :)

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