• Pray for them sinners.
  • Tv,get the message out there
  • Jesus never addressed the affects of societal externals, he spoke the power of individuals internals (the heart, the mind, and motives)
  • Television has it's good sides and bad, for my Christmas Present a few years back because I don't get to go to Church anymore my Godmother paid for installation and 1 years worth of Christian satellite tv, in that year I watched it more than I would have got to Church. Lots of programmes that the kids could watch and that were not always church service based, like issues in society and how we deal with them. I think Jesus would approve of those.
  • "What a collossal waste of My gift of life! I made you people to interact with one another, to love one another, not just to sit there and vegetate! I want people who will DO My will. Don't just sit there on the sidelines!"
  • i think HE would maybe say, " it seems a nice FAMILY pasttime ,sometimes, just make sure it stays CLEAN" and "hey, I like this Little House on the Prarie, on at 8? i may make that!"but...thatsJustme
  • He likes "The Simpsons", "House", and, oddly enough, "Jeopardy". I think he just likes knowing the answers to all the questions, though.
  • Informative medium
  • Let's get the message sent thru out the Christian channels, so we can convert non-believers Into hearing the truth of an eternal life Into the heavens of God.
  • "Think, my children, think"
  • I think he would encourage people to not watch TV, because our minds are so easily shaped by what we see. There are powerful people who are aware of that and use TV to their advantage.
  • at least I still get plenty of air-time...... not bad for being dead so long. *.*
  • The television itself consist of aura, allowing holiness to thrive, despite an lack of my presence.
  • he would say that we pay to much for cable. 600 channels and nothin' on! oy vey!
  • I believe that He'd be VERY upset over the televangelist who use Television to literally STEAL millions of $$$$$ from the poor and elderly .... and He'd say ... Get Thee off the air !!"

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