• Yes not very Biblical but meant more than the world to me. My husbands last words were " I'm sorry , I love you" My Mother who was holding his other hand cries about it every time she thinks about it.
  • "See, I told you I was sick"
  • no, ive never had moments like that
  • Nope. I've lost plenty of friends and family. I was never there at the time Death took them.
  • Knowing about the promised resurrection makes the death of a loved one a bit easier to bear... The apostle Paul made the comment that if it was not for the resurrection, then Jesus' death would have no meaning... (1 Corinthians 15:13, 14) If, indeed, there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ has not been raised up. 14 But if Christ has not been raised up, our preaching is certainly in vain, and your faith is also in vain.

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