• No never - although at 17/18 a kid in my philosophy class got into one after the teacher told him to take his feet off the desk. Yelling ensued - the college police took him down to the station. Rediculous.
  • do we care to bother about teachers...we have better things in life to do i guess..!
  • Yes. In 8th grade a teacher wanted to paddle me because he mistakenly thought I did something. He got real mad and I could see the veins in his forehead. I refused the paddling and yelled back at him. I made damn sure I didn't get that paddling at any cost. He should never have been a teacher in the first place. He got really angry so often! Two years later he dropped dead of a stroke.
  • When I used to get mad... I had blackouts and someone was going to get hurt. I remember almost nothing, other than trying to talk an adult in a position of authority out of his opinion of a situation that he wasn't even there to observe in the first place concerning myself and an asshole teacher that pissed me off. He was the Dean, his name was Mr. Ginsburg. I threw a desk at him and got detention. NOT suspension. Probably because at the end of the day, he agreed with me, but wasn't allowed to say so.
  • That is foreign to me, because I respected all of my teachers. Plus my Dad would have blistered my ass if he would have herd that I did that.
  • Yes, it was about Columbus discovering America, I completely disagreed with her and proved her wrong, she didnt like that to much, I was underminning her Authority. LOL
  • Yeah I got sick of him pronouncing my name wrong and 1 day just snapped. He had the nerve to tell me I was the one pronouncing it wrong and it should be like he said it Alisa... NO NO NO my name is Ailsa Ale sa not A lisa there was hell on I was suspended for 2 days
  • My maths teacher Mr.Wilson drew an equation on the blackboard and told the class, to copy it down in our books because we would use it later, to work out some problems. I told him that the equation was wrong and it wouldn't work! Then he said "If your so bloody bright then come out here and tell everyone why it's wrong.!" So I went to the front of the class and said "Because it's yellow! Yellow things are always wrong!" With that he lost the plot and I ended up, saying that I had forgotten more about maths than he ever knew! I was dragged down to the headmasters office and told that I was a problem child. Years later I found out that I had a condition known as Synaesthesia and my IQ was 225.
  • Yea, then I quit. First day In front of everyone he said "----, is your sister -----?" "yea" "oh what are you gunna get pregnant and drop out too" "I dont need to get pregnant to drop out a$$hole"
  • yes, it was a essay and I wrote it right but teacher claimed that I was out of the topic for all the time.
  • Yes, I had a fight with a teacher over our opinions of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. She thought it was a great love story. I thought is was crap about a couple of kids who were not mature enough to realize that suicide was not the answer. I still think it is crap to have to teenagers read this and then to glorify it the way she did.
  • My friend Leperachaun got into a very awesome argument with our "favorite" teacher, and Leperachaun won!!. The argument was started because the teacher told him to stand up, and he said that he didn't have to, and so the argument raged on.
  • Yes. The argument was about 4 minutes, as I recall.

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