• Its far to vast for me to answer, its rather complex and because I wouldn't be able to do the subject any justice. After can you define a normal human being?
  • I believe suicide is cowardliness. A person should be brave enough to face all the difficulties rather than just running from them by committing suicide. He should try hard to find someone who will care and love him or her and change the way of his or her life! Hope never dies as we say so should he live with the hope that one day, someone will come to help.
  • I think thats something only those who commit suicide could answer because the reasons are as varied as the people that commit suicide. Depression, love, poverty, mental illness, regret, illness, honor, shame, ...the list goes on and on for days for reasons why people might commit suicide. It has gone on for centuries and has even in some cultures (Hari Kari, Kamimaze pilots)and literature been deemed as heroic or honorable, it's just that the west has placed more emphasis on it being tragic since the Greek Tragedies influenced our modern literature and viewpoints on society.
  • I think that suicide is a result of a mental issue. NOT necessarily a mental illness, but it IS due to a certain thought process that seems to be universal among those attempting or succeeding in suicide. The types I seem to see are the following: 1. Those that truly have a mental illness. They cannot be, in my opinion, considered truly suicidal on their own, because their mind or their meds, drives them to doing something they would never normally do. Their lives are not, in any way, being triggered by outside sources, it is all internal. 2. Those in severe pain or with a wasting illness. They see death as the end of the pain or difficulties they have with their bodies. They go from thinking how nice it would be to die, to thinking of doing so, to attempting or succeeding, as time goes on. They do it, not just for themselves, but, they believe, for the good of their loved ones. They feel they are 'needy' or a 'drain' on those loved ones, and see death as an end to it. 3. Transsexuals. Not because of numbers in total, but because transsexuals who have not, or can not, have reassignment surgery are among the highest suicide rates in the world. And those that ARE undergoing reassignment surgery often are targeted by others, which leads THEM to give up and do the same. 4. Teenagers. Teens are going through hormonal and body changes at this time. They also are under huge amounts of peer pressure, school pressure (schoolwork), family pressure (the drive to succeed or other family issues), and their own thoughts, worries, and feelings. They get overwhelmed and see it as an 'out.' Teens also have the various groups like 'emos,' who have become almost the 'in' thing to do. They often are told things like 'cutting is cool.' Peer pressure leads the females to things like bulemia or anorexia in an effort to look thin and 'sexy.' Teens need boyfriends and girlfriends or they are not doing things right. They need friend circles. If they don't have any of these things, are not smart, sexy, funny, rich, or whatever, they are rejected by their peers. They also have the internet, and face it, online people are cruel. They will DRIVE a teen to suicide. 5. Adults whom society has driven to it. Those adults who have lost jobs, homes, loved ones, money, or their situational lives due to society. They see suicide as the only option left. They are the hopeless. The ones that still feel enough. Once you no longer feel, you no longer care, and can function. But while you feel, you look for a way out. They see death as that way. Society as a whole is responsible for all the deaths due to suicide except those attributed directly to officially diagnosed mental illness. Society makes it practically impossible for there to be any 'out' when a person gets trapped in one of these situations except for suicide. When you see nowhere to turn but the top of the cliff, you jump.
  • I think it's a mental issue. Something could have happened in society that changed one's mental awareness. My grandfather commited suicide and we think his medications screwed him up mentally. He was taking way too many different medications from different doctors. I don't think someone would commit suicide if they were mentally healthy.
  • it is ethier drugs, or a feeling of no way out! no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope. lets ask the blue bunny if he's sober, lol he might know the answer! he studied with freud.
  • I believe there are many reasons why one would want to or follow through with it.I attempted twice and many different factors played a role in my motivation. Family issues, depression runs on both sides of the family as well as addictions. The way I handle stress now is completely different from the way I handled it before-which was more like I gave up on fighting. Past trauma also played a role. Alcohol triggered the act mostly, but it was obviously in my subconscious mind. A chemical imbalance/genetics, life experiences, the way one reacts to life's events all have to do with it, but there is nothing wrong with anyone who does. I think they just have more to learn.
  • I think it's a product of society. I do not believe peoples mental health is a biological issue unless there is a specific disease such as Alzheimer’s or some brain damage involved. Nature not nurture. For many people out there things have occurred that are so traumatic they cant deal with them. Additionally many people have had parents of such low calibre that they were never taught proper coping techniques for when things do go wrong.
  • Humans are just one of nature's more odd experiments. And that experiment is still being conducted. Suicide is just one of the many byproducts unique to heightened intelligence. We are able to contemplate physical and emotional pain, and reason ways to alleviate it, either by enduring through it, medicating it, or, in the case of suicide, ending it right there on the spot. Intelligence opened up the option, so it was inevitable that some would make that choice
  • No... I could write an essay on this =) My view is that it is a consequence of society and the pressures that go with it, and of mental illness. A mental illness doesn't mean there is anything more wrong with a person than there would be if he had a physical illness. It is one and the same. It is a temporary blimp for the majority of people which can easily be corrected with a couple of extra hormones (i am not sure what the correct word would be) or therapy.
  • Probably YES. If nothing is wrong and life is beautiful, fun and personally satisfying, death would be far from ones mind. There have no doubt been many suicides which were accidents e.g. standing too close to the edge, going to fast, playing with drugs. All these situations need is an acquaintance who says s/he was depressed if a note is missing. Recently, I have had two family members who died due to the influence of prescription drugs which induced depression. Both were seriously ill which justified dangerous drugs, but family members were unable to keep a constant safety surveillance of them.
  • we can't ask them because they are gone and the fakers (ones that attempt but are successful) are not the same as them so we will never know for sure...+5.
  • An attempt at suicide is a call for help. Committing suicide is a drastic solution not only to end a certain source of pain, but to end everything else along with it. You've set me on another train of thought, Phillis. I'm putting up a question on this. Perhaps you might wish to respond.
  • There is absolutly no doubt to me that there is something wrong with SOME people who commit suicide. There are people out there who DO have imbalances in their chemistry which affect the brain and cause severe depression and other side effects which are beyond the ability of the individual to control. This is documented in medical cases all over the place. However, there are many who commit suicide because their experiences do not allow them to think past the final solution they have come up with for their problems. They have exhausted every other avenue they know of and have gotten themselves in s depressive rut where the only apparent way out is suicide. And, of course, there is the small percentage wherein suicide is a ritualistic or honorable solution to certain circumstances. So the causes are both "miswired" and "product of society", in general. No doubt, we could talk about all the different reasons for suicide to happen ad nauseum, and put them in neat little catagories. But by and large, whether it's a chemical imbalance or purely psychological issue, the person who commits suicide sees it as the ONLY solution to whatever their problem is. As it's been said before, however, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  • There can be a genetic inclination toward depression, which can certainly make someone more inclined to commit suicide, but I think it occurs mainly as a result of life experience. +

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