• If talking about a test environment, it could be stress from the test, or other outside influences.
  • Maybe needs more practice.
  • bad skills perhaps...motivation alone doesn't guarantee 100% results...
  • Without sufficient knowledge and skill, a person may perform poorly even if he/she is highly motivated. +3
  • Bad luck, lack of intelligence, being in a bad mood, not thinking clearly.
  • Low attention span. You can have great motivation, but if you aren't paying attention, or being present, you cmight not omplete the job properly.
  • Motivation is different from how you measure performance. What do you weigh in on to evaluate performance.
  • Poor instruction and/or ability!
  • "Motivation and Performance While it is important, motivation alone does not dictate all of a person’s behaviour. A person’s ability clearly also matters, and so do factors like the resources a person is given to do his or her job. Successful work performance can arise from a variety of motives. Two people doing similar jobs may both be successful but for very different motives. For example, one salesperson may be motivated by the commission earned on sales, while another may be more concerned about rising to the challenge of meeting sales targets, perhaps for his or her own satisfaction, or perhaps because of a desire to please the boss. In most workplaces, incentive and performance management systems reward some aspects of work behaviour more than others. Also, different behaviours may be rewarded in different ways, and particular ways may suit some people better than others." Source and further information:

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