• probably just easier to just buy a new one. all your going to do is pay more and more to try and fix it. at the end of the day its probably just easier to buy a new one
  • Sounds like (literally) a problem with your spindle drive. With the cost of a brand new DVD player so low, it makes little sense to fix this one. I Recommend the Philips DVP5990 as a replacement. It cost about $50, can be made region free, converts PAL to NTSC, will upscale to 1080p and play any media known to man. You can play downloaded video by burning it to a disc or from a thumb drive plugged into the player's USB port. When I recommend this one, I usually say (and it is a joke), "It is so versatile, you can stick a frozen pizza in the tray and it will play an Italian movie." Hope this helps.

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