• Warning: my "dancing" can be dangerous! The "embow in the face" finish is a classic! ----- Ok, I am not normally that bad - but I have my moments. :-/
  • Yeah..its kinda of a freaky leg kicking arm throwing pelvis thrusting bunch of crap. I generally just move to the beat.
  • the white guy shuffle -- my upper body moves around, but my feet never really move from one place -- if i get funky, i will look at you and do the hand guns while pretending to shoot you with both guns and then blow the smoke away
  • Yes its my Elaine Benes, Michael Jackson leg kick. It's a cross between some high energy and a dry heave.
    • Boola Boo
      OMG poor Elaine when she danced, hahahahaha.
    • Linda Joy
      I loved it!
  • no ... i cant dance :)
  • I call it the "sit in a chair and wiggle" move. It is pretty much what you think. I sit in a chair and wiggle.
  • Yes, it's called watching everyone else have fun while I try to get drunk enough to go out on the floor, which never happens. It's got a long name, but it's easier than it sounds.
  • yes. Its the one where i slip on a spilt drink on the dance floor and my arms go flailing around as I fall flat on my butt as my friends all turn away from me pretending not to know me.
  • I'm not much for dancing, but I do spaz out a lot. I guess that's a kind of dance.
  • No no signature move but I gyrate pretty well in freedance . I just get lost in the music and dance . I am a dancer because i love it, it allows free expression.
  • Dancing isn't condoned by my nihilist beliefs.
  • Yup. When I dance or choreograph something for someone else I always put in a double pique turn in attitude with arms in fourth, and then some kind of daring jump.
  • SHAKE UR BOOOTY!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • AW MAN! DO I!!! haha....i have SO many signature dance mooves! this one is called the opening book *does messed up dance moove* *everyone watches* * room goes silent* haha... well, im not that bad.... but me n my freinds sometimes take it a little too far hehe
  • I love to dance but haven't danced in so long I really don't know anymore. I'd like to take lessons and learn some new moves.
  • I have some moves. But I find a lot of guys really dig it when you follow their moves. It shows you're paying attention, listening, in tune and responding.
  • I have another dance move where I rub the dudes butt and he thinks he's getting lucky when really I'm lifting his wallet out of his back pocket! Lol (I've never really done that I only just now thought of it)
  • 5-8-2017 I am a famous break dancer. Every time I start dancing people say "Come on, Jewels, give us a break."

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