• I had to remove my thermostat because my engine was overheating.
  • It is not true that removing the thermostat will cause the engine to overheat. The thermostat is designed to stay closed (to not allow coolant to flow) until the engine reaches operating temperature. Removing the thermostat in some newer vehicles will cause the engine light to come on with a trouble code stating "target temperature not reached". This code sets if the temperature is not to specification within a certain time parameter. A stuck "open" thermostat can cause the same problem.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Feb. 03
  • If you had a thermostat that was stuck closed and you removed it the engine would not overheat. You do need the correct temperature thermostat in your engine though so always replace it when necessary.
    • RareCatch
      Correct Feb. 03

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