• I would say the more absorbed in the game they become the less of a real life they probably have.
  • not necessarily. Some just find it interesting. Some like to troll. It really varies and it is not fair to lumpo all of the users that way. i never tried it , but it sounds like the Sims on steroids.
  • If they spend their every waking hour on it, possibly, but I think most people just like it to fuck around.
  • It's a fantasy life. No one is completely satisfied with every aspect of their real life. Fantasy can be helpful.
  • I disagree. There are many different reasons people play Second Life. For some it's that, but for others its a creative outlet, a way of making money, a social platform. I didn't play SL because I was dissatisfied with my real life - I play SL because I was dissatisfied with World of Warcraft. :-D

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