• I am sorry you feel tired. +5
  • the same as you
  • I really feel the same way. Instead of raise our taxes and fees, why don't they start taxing churches? There are billions of dollars there waiting to be taken and help our deficit. And us!?!
  • I'm with you, suz. They grab onto the incomes of hard-working folks, who have families, only to redistribute it to the unworthy bloc voters for their support, thereby locking in their political power and rights to levy more and more upon us. Their game is power! I hope the people will put a stop to it come future elections. The whole lot of 'em need to be looked at and tossed out if they continue to ignore what WE expect of a government. +5
  • I agree totally with you. Finally others that are fed up with the way the government is doing us hard working people.
  • The Government is not your friend. If they didn't have all these tax programs to take your money and redistribute it they wouldn't have a reason to exist. So they create more and more programs to create bigger Gov. Eventually the private sector shrinks, gets beat down and Gov. takes over because the private sector will no longer be able to exist on it's own with out Gov. help. This leads to socialism, obviously an inferior system with far less freedom for the individual.
  • Good for you and I like that spirit!
  • Personally its getting ridiculous now My daughter had surgery on a week ago and it cost me £7.70 for 6 hours of parking! hospital parking charges suck!
  • just wait till they approve taxing the internet, both use and purchases. leaches.

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