• I send my wife flowers about every 6 weeks or so
  • I don't need a reason at all and really give flowers to anyone...even guys....hope they likey.
  • usually never.
  • I buy them randomly, sometimes as a thank you, or sometimes just to make someones day, or when my friends are ill.
  • I buy flowers every week and all my family love plants so I buy a lot of those too, just because. I also buy them for myself.
  • I used to buy them for various occassions for my mother when she was alive .... After my sister murdered her in 2004 ; I have not bought any plants or flowers.
  • At this time of year; whenever we visit someone; a potted spring flower is taken for our hostess. And a bottle of wine for the host, usually from the Chadds Ford Winery.
  • Last time i bought one was daffodils in a brown wicker duck. I got it for my mother in law and she loved it :) Since i lugged it from Liverpool to Doncaster on a train and 2 buses, im really glad she appreciated it O___o
  • Very rarely because I don't believe in cutting flowers just to fill a vase for a couple of days and then watch them die. However, many years ago my uncle died and I ordered a beautiful "cross" of flowers which was placed on his casket. About 4 years ago my son's then-fiancee was in the hospital for an operation..they lived in Denver then. I ordered a pot of yellow flowers and a bamboo plant and sent them via the florist delivery pick up the phone and tell them what you want and they handle it for you. Both were potted so they could be planted in the garden. Other than that, zero! :)
  • I buy them when they catch my eye. It is a hit or miss thing. I see them, they make me think of someone, I buy them. Mostly for my mother. Buying her flowers or a plant is a good excuse to stop by for a visit.

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