• No. Not because I wouldn't love them. But because I couldn't give them back.
  • I was adopted 4 weeks after birth and I would say YES.
  • Yes, it's very very easy to get attached to a child.
  • Yes no doubt
  • I do not understand how I could possibly do otherwise. A child is such a precious, fragile gift.
  • Yes, you have asked for and accepted that responsibility. Often, I would think they are more loved because they were a choice instead of an accident, which is one reason the foster care program exists in the first place.
  • Yes I could and would as have non and my love has died!
  • This sometimes is a lot harder than it sounds. You take this child in, loving he or she as soon as you see them coz, they are children in strife, which should never happen. Of course you have already explained the situation to your kids. Love, care, everything is thrown at these kids to make them feel at home. Does it always work, there can be jealousy between them as they vie for mums affections. There are times when punishment has to be used, no matter who gets it. Then you get, you love them better than me. One last thing and I know this will sound very bad. You know your own childrens genes, have a rough idea what they will do. You don't know what to expect from the foster ones and let me tell you. No matter how much love, how much care, some of these kids will turn on you in the most terrible way.
  • I was a foster child for 3 years and then my foster family adopted me and my younger sister and they have been nothing but great and they are a blessing in my life and i thank God for them every day. so yes.
  • Yep I have
  • I believe I could.
  • I could because all children deserve the love and affection of a real parent.
  • Can and did for many years, once upon a time.
  • Yes, I could love the child, but I don't think I'd be strong enough to foster a child. I have a friend who does it though, and she let me in on what the HARDEST part is: A lot of the time these kids go back to the parents who screwed them up in the first place, and are just going to do it again. As foster parents you have no say and it's painful to see a child you love go back into a bad situation.

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