• I don't avoid thinking about it but I don't think about it deeply either. Death happens, you have to live while your alive.
  • Yeah the best thing to do is use the fact that we will one day die to motivate us to live it up as much as possible so that you will not have any regrets when you are ready to die.
  • sometimes it's a weird exercise to try to picture the world without you, after you. nothing depressing, just the part of the world that is you just stops, but all the people and things around you go on...
  • Yes. I don't want to die. A few times I have thought, this is it, but still here. Unfinished business all over the place.
  • i've only gotten so far as "one day i'm goin to die, i wonder what willl happen"....i never get to the "oh i'm scared" part because i figure i'll die when its my time to die, when all my business is finished(even though i may think otherwise) and when i am ready to die. Untill that day i live by the phrase "live today as if it were your last"
  • I think about it and quite honestly, it freaks me out.
  • i'm not worried about it because worrying doesn't solve anything. i believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and since i believe and follow his principles to the best of my abilities i will in my mind avoid the firey pit. also i believe that energy is infinite. our bodies may be laid to rest but the energy is what is infinite. if you don't believe in Heaven or Hell hopefully you believe that energy is powerful enough to take you elsewhere.
  • Most people rationalize ignoring the thought by having some sort of faith in a higher power and an afterlife. Although I don't believe any of that shit, I have thought about it, and honestly, there isn't a single thing I can do to prevent my demise at some point. It's inevitable. So I should try to live my life to it's fullest and enjoy this life which I will only experience once. Although fear holds me back from acting more than I would like.
  • I think about it but I don't let it get me down anymore. I'm just going to do the best I can until I die and hope that I did good things and lived a good life.
  • I made peace with the fact I will die one day a long time ago, I do not beleive in any after life, I believe death is the end.
  • Yeah, I think about that sometimes. And I wonder HOW I will die, and it scares me, because there are so many ways to die!
  • to be honest life to me is more scary than dying sometimes
  • I'm over sixty. Of course I realize I'm on borrowed time, and that the ordeal is coming sooner rather than later. Either prepare for what is inevitable...or ignore it til you can't anymore, then wing it when the time comes, as most do.

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