• Mmmmmm! I'd love for a girl to suck on my balls! That would feel so good! Unfortunatelty, the way a guy is "wired" he's "disarmed" after his first "shot." That's human physiology, and there's nothing you or he can do about it. That's generally why the woman should get her's first before the guy gets his. Before he shoots, suck his balls as much as you want. He'll love it. But he'll be armed and laoded, and as soon as you start sucking his penis, he'll shoot and be done for the night, so save that for the very last...
  • That's the problem with us men. We're gone after a single shot. The best thing is to increase the frequency that you have sex. He'll love you if you can have sex daily or 2 times a day. As they say, practice makes perfect.
  • other than cases of spontaneous sex, he can prepare himself beforehand ... about 2 hours before the deed, have him stroke one out for himself ... just to empty the chamber so to speak ... then when he's with you, he will last longer and will enjoy more time with you
  • Get yours first. Not all men are one and done. Some can go again. Most need a recovery period, and it helps if you feed them between sex sessions. Hydration is also important. But they'll never be able to go 5 or 6 or fast and building like we can.

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