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  • Yes I have and all I can say it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do (getting over it). Without a doubt it is an insurmountable amount of pain to deal with alone. You know when to walk away when you feel in your heart that it is the right thing to do. "Sometimes what the heart knows the head forgets". I can honestly say it takes work, lots and lots of it, and not being resentful for whatever may have happen no matter how bad the situation, and believe me I know how bad it can be, but sometimes you have to follow your heart, and sometimes the world may lead you astray and you cant tell your friends from the enemy but deep within yourself you always know whats best. It will take some patience and looking into your heart for the answers.
  • Yes. I have been with him for almost 2 years now without counting the breakups. He's broken up with me once as well, but that didn't even stop us from getting back together. Walking away is HARD. I suppose if you really want to move on from the person you are referring to, you need to stop talking to him and you need to stop hanging out with him.
  • I do have one ex like that. I was with him for 5 years. I did really love him, and cared for him so much it hurt sometimes. I had to leave him for the benefit of my own future. He dragged me down with him where drugs, partying and a dangerous crowd were concerned, he had also cheated on me back in the past and I couldn't forget it. It was hard, really really hard. We tried to stay friends - but he was still in love with me - that soon turned to hate when he couldn't understand why I would leave him. A couple of years have gone by now. I'm still filled with regret at the way I handled it. Very often I have missed him just being around or wondered if I made the right decision. I am sure now that I did, and I am incredibly happy with my s/o. It was difficult though, you just have to try your hardest to have the courage of your convictions, know that the right person is out there, and put yourself first until you find him or her.
  • Twice and both times it was devastating at first. You go through a mourning period it the best way to describe it and it takes embracing yourself and not fixating on the what if's. Exercise at the gym was always a good remedy to getting over the relationship.
  • Yes, I have. It was awful. I wanted to have kids, but he didn't. I knew that even though I loved him we could never be happy together because we wanted different things out of life.
  • Yes, twice and it was the hardest thing I've ever been through. You go through a lot of momments of regret "what if's",and sometimes guilt but in the end you know it was best for both people involved. As hard as it is to admit, loving someone does not always mean that it will work out or that the two of you are compatible or the best for each other. Getting over it takes time, but it will happen just fill your life with things you love to do.

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