• Not sure which timezone you're in, so probably best if you start with some FREE on-line tutorials. They're great because you can go at your own pace, you don't need to wait to get books ordered and there are loads of them! :) Here are a couple of examples: etc... Failing that, you'll be best off looking locally.
  • You might find this useful: Fairly straight-forward beginner guides and so forth.
  • you could try also searching JAVA on the net, you can use DrJava which is free, and JAVA and C++ are extremely similar syntax. also if you are intent on C++ go download microsoft visual C++ express. if you buy the actual visual studio it costs thousands of dollars. and i have all 3 versions lol. if you download the visual c++ should come with msdn free local libraries. but if it doesn't, msdn (microsoft development network or something like that) should have many free tutorials and information on it. c++ is really not difficult, and all the high level languages are the same, so you wouldn't have difficulty transfering over to another language at some point in time. by that i mean learning another one as well. also go to the public library, a vast majority of public libraries contain books by sams or apress that teach programming. I could teach you, but you really don't need help to learn it. Just start off with the simple 'HelloWorld' (if you google these) and then move on to obtaining input and then calculating something. Pascal's triangle is also a great exercise for learning loops and output. Also remember that in C++ it is tedious to create a gui. So most of your initial work is all going to be in a console. if you don't know what a console is, it is what most people know of as the 'command prompt'. if you wnt me to talk more msg me on myspace. the link is on my profile here. i don't use my email often cause usually i use my psp.
  • I sent ya an e-mail. Talk to ya shortly.
  • no sorry.
  • I just got a C programming book out of the library. It's still free, but it covers much more than the online beginners tutorials. You should check to see if any library near you has a book on it.
  • you can search lots of c++ tutorial on the google I am suggesting you a site where you can easily learn c++

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