• Also this has happend 4 weeks ago tomorrow. When she was left alone with my friends Poodle. Any suggestions? Could this be her just going into heat? Since i have her i never notice her going into heat. Not bleeding either.
  • Nevermind i just realize she is going into her first heat cycle! Weeesh thank god. Im relief.
  • i belive that male produce sperm at 4 to 5 months old or younger. its possible in a few weeks just take her to the vets office they will be able to tell you.
  • Glad she just turned out to be in heat! Just for future reference, it would be possible for a 5 month old pup to sire a litter. A little older is the "norm", but 5 months is entirely possible. Also more often, females go into heat between 8 and 12 months for the first time, however, just like the males, they can sometimes have their first heat at 4-6 months. They (male OR female) should not be bred at that young an age, or even at 12 months -- too young to know about possible temperament/genetic problems (too young to test for most problems) and too young physically -- it's like a 12 yr old having sex and having babies, just because they are technically capable, but nowhere near physically ready. And some females never "show" any signs if they are in heat -- no blood, nothing. So you can't always be sure. Did you have the vet check her over -- I just noticed it says she is chubbier and that is NOT a symptom of being in heat!!! If you aren't going to show her, then she should be spayed and can be spayed any time when her heat is over. Be extra careful while she is in heat! She may try crazy things to get to a male, and males may come from far and near to get to her.

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