• Yes. If I'm paying for a bailout, I want to be involved in it.
  • Great question! Yes, I do think the gov should be able to step in an monitor the spending of a bailout. (Not really intrude and tell them how to run the business though). It is the money of the people going to benefit a public business. There needs to be stringent oversight on how this money is spent.
  • Yes these companies that are receiving bailouts have a fiduciary responsibility to make taxpayers whole. If the company isnt living up to its end of the bargain, I have no problem getting rid of these corporate fatcats who sit around and do nothing all day except shuffle papperwork and hire all their alcoholic and inept fraternity buddies. The nub if it is that these corporate ceo's dont give a rats ass about the workers in the companies they run. Sadly I have learned this the hard way over the years.
  • definatly! if tax payers are bailing out these companies then we should get a look in
  • Yes. Absolutely. People who receive food stamps have rules to follow. People who collect welfare have rules attached to that money. People who collect unemployment must follow those rules. These bozos are getting welfare and why they think they should be absolved of any need to follow the rules is beyond me. They don't follow the rules, they obviously don't need the money to survive. Simple as that! Happy Wednesday! :)
  • IF a company / corporation is using federal Tax Dollars ; then the federal Government should have the right and obligation to it's citizens to oversee just how those monies are being used ... and to apply restrictions and regulations.
  • yes. if i have to use tax payer money when the economy is already down to bail you out when you helped to get us into this mess, I own you and I'm going to make sure you can't do it again.
  • Hell,no.They shouldn't be bailing out anybody.Banks don't dictate how a business should be run when they loan them money.These are loans,after all...
  • Yes, to a point. Nationalization shouldn't be used, but the government should give a recommendation on business practices until June 30, 2010.
  • The operative word in your question is "if"! It's a classic "begging of the question". The fact is that the government should NOT be bailing out businesses with our hard-earned money in the first place. Essentially, you're question asks what's better...being screwed by crooked businesses, being screwed by crooked politicians, being screwed by both? I vote NONE OF THE ABOVE!!
  • I think so--while keeping in mind that there are pitfalls to this, but if: 1) A business is in financial difficulty, and 2) It requires a taxpayer bailout in order to continue to operate, then 3) It's not unreasonable for the taxpayers' representatives to make sure the money provided is being used to actually turn the business around. (In other words, making sure our money isn't being wasted.)
  • ABSOLUTELY. Those businesses have already proved they have bad judgment or they wouldn't be begging for federal funds.
  • The government doesn't even know how to run itself, how the heck is it going to run a business? I don't trust the government to run anything! I thought the money they received from us was a loan, aren't they supposed to pay it back? When I bought my house I didn't expect the bank to tell me how to run it. WITHOUT blaming OBAMA! He is the president, isn't he? Without his signiture there would have not been ANY bailouts. I know→ Lets blame BUSH!!
  • Damn right, they got greedy and screwed the people. If they want our money to bail them out. Make sure they don't screw us again
  • Of course. These companies have proven that they don't know how to run their own business. Why give a huge amount of our money to the same idiots that got themselves into this trouble? We gave money to Chrysler and they spent it on a $600,000K ad thanking us for it. Do we learn from any of our mistakes?
  • sure, part of the bail out package, is a plan to get some of the money back from the company the govt is helping. we have seen already how greedy some companys are with their free money. it must be part of socialism that is gradually taking over the USA. the government has to buy out the failing businesses and homeowners.
  • Yup. The government bought a new division/department for itself. If Google or any other company decided to buy out a failed/failing company you bet their butt they'd be turning it into their operation.
  • Let's suppose you borrowed $100,000 from Tony Soprano instead. Tony comes by and says he doesn't like the way you're running your business handing out big bonuses to your family members. Are you going to tell him to take a hike because you know better? Tony's going to shoot out your knee caps if you do. That's the way it works. You give up your rights to non-interference when you're running on borrowed money.
  • It is not a matter of blaming Obama, it is a matter of explaining events as they are occurring. Obama says he did not / does not want to run GM but he delights in visiting the mayor of Detroit and telling the good mayor what GM complexes will stay open and NOT move to the suburbs. Therefore, when he speaks he lies. The criteria for closing GM and Chrysler dealerships was never explained, but mysteriously profitable dealerships where closed while those that were bleeding money (but gave to the Obama campaign) were kept open. The Indiana Fire and Police Retirement fund (you know, firefighters and police who risk their lives) was shafted $0.29 for each $1.00 invested for officers' retirements while O gave the company away to the pigs at the UAW. Just WAIT until he and his minions control health care, and have arbitration power over who lives and who dies.
  • Government handouts = taxpayers money. Therefore the representatives of the taxpayers in your country should absolutely be in a supervisory role, watching that your money is well spent. They should have the authority to protect your money....and pull the carpet out from under any business receiving your taxes if the contracts and agreements are not met.
  • IMHO, the federal government has been far too intrusive on businesses. We need rukes and regulations, but the feds have gone overboard. Give them a bit more power, and we will become a 'police state'.
  • Yes. the government cannot run now, because the Republicans have been cutting it off at the ankles for the last 8 years. Anyone else who gets welfare or bailout money or scientific grants, simply cannot take said money and award themselves bonuses. Why should corporations be held to a different standard?

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