• Write everything down on a list.
  • Make a list. then another appointment
  • Write a list. Use the time to think abut what bothers you the most. Highlight that - put at the top of the list. don't be scared - unless your an awful parent and most of us are not - then try to be as honest as possible to get the most out of it. good luck!
  • What bothers you the most? Great question!
  • Make a detailed list to take with you and a copy of it for the psychologist; take it with you and give her the copy and tell her these are all the things you'd like to address with her. Start making a plan with her and a regularly scheduled appointment time and decide where to begin. Make a second appointment and go from there. Good luck.
  • Tell the doc just what you asked here and have the top 2 or 3 most important one ready to talk about.
  • Make a list. Make a copy of the list. Give one to the doctor. ;-)
  • Let her ask the questions, like "What brings you here today?" Be sure to let the kids have a shot at answering that question also. They may have a totally different perspective on the reason they think they're there.
  • Start with the wierd stuff.
  • From her point of view, the things they 'do' are just symptoms of the problem, so take a list to jog your memory but let her ask the questions. Why are you going? What do you suspect is wrong? If you are going to have a starting point it could be whatever simple sentence that question brought to your head such as "school says x" "I feel/worry y" or "they seem to have an abnormal tendency to z".
  • You will not solve a long list of problems in just one session. Just give her a copy of the list, and she will help you prioritize things.
  • I go to a child psychologist with my daughter at least every 3 months and usually it starts with the doc asking whats up and gives either me or my daughter a chance to answer, and then we go into what is the most relevant thing and then she will usually ask if there is anything else and it all goes very well each time we go, and my daughter has done some major stuff that needed attention so just kinda feel it out and let your doctor lead the session because mostly what is going on with your child usually fits together as it has with mine. GOOD LUCK and hope it goes well!!
  • make a list, then go over it and pick the one that is the most harmful.
  • Make a list and give it to the psychologist as soon as you go in. This saves a great deal of time and she can get a general picture of the problems straight away.
  • Is the list on paper? Prioritize the problems in order of importance and don't wander off the list to minor side issues. Give the psychologist a copy of your list and he/she might guide you in order of importance from a medical point of view. Good luck.

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