• I think mine is feet too, but if I had to pick another one it would have to be the average male butt.
  • I think the booty hole is a particularly dirty part, and I try to avoid it if at all possible.
  • I also hate feet. I especially hate feet that aren't kept clean and that look bad.
  • My abdomen--which causes me great frustration.
  • Dry elbows on people is a real turn off. ewww
  • i hate being short cause people discriminate
  • Hate is a very strong 4-letter word! No! I love every inch of the human body! I used to dislike the appendix until I learned some people think it stores good intestinal bacteria. The human body is a true miracle regenerating machine with a brain designed in the image of GOD! But being a spirit daughter of my Heavenly Father I'm thankful even for the Hayflick limit, which means an eventual limit / end to my suffering! Until then, God please grant me the strength to endure to the end in faith! Amen! Is it the touching of others' feet you don't like or do you dislike your own feet? Do you dislike getting a pedicure or letting someone rub your feet? Or even just the thought of feet? Some people like feet very much! Even more people like shoes!
    • Cry me a River
      Regeneration only happens as someone is born again. . Unregenerate man is made in the image of fallen Adam..just saying.
    • Linda Joy
      Regeneration happens every day as we loose cells and make new ones! Regeneration of the earth happens every spring. And we are all made in the image or our creator, regardless if we are 'born again' or not! We will also all be resurrected and stand before the judgement seat of God, with Jesus as our advocate. Where we go after depends on our choices while on earth.
  • I hate feet except baby feet. Baby feet are always cute.
    • Linda Joy
      That's so true! Cute little baby feet!
  • Moles and skin tags and warts
  • Arm pits can be really a rank deal breaker! lol

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