• Our dog Oreo was given to us on a farm, as his mom just had a litter.
  • A pregnant cat was dumped last oct - had 8 kittens but lost 3. We kept 2 of the kittens and got the other 3 homes. The mother is in a nice home now also.
  • Backyard breeder (People don't comment on my stupidity i have a reason for what i did) and he is a wire haired dachshund
  • I got a dog from this friend of mine that I knew and I named her (gold digger) cause she makes me spend so much money on her and she doesn't know when to have enough..LOL
  • I bought her from an Amish family about a year ago. She's a dog, although could be confused with a bear cub.
  • This is LuLu, She literally walked up to me out of no where. Her collar got stuck underneath her shoulder and was embedded really deep. The two pictures of her in the garage were taken the day we found her, we had to quarantine her until we knew she wouldn't get our other cats sick:( The other two pictures are of her now, healthy, happy, and loved:) We're lucky to have her!:)
  • My dog came to me from a neighbor's house. He didn't like being left alone during the day, and kept escaping from their yard and coming to my house. They finally said just keep him, and they got a new dog. My Grandson, who lives with me, brought a cat home from his work (veterinarian office clerk), and may bring another one soon.
  • Mail order ducks.
  • Neighbour going to take his beagle puppy to the pound!
  • Given to me, an Australian Shepard.
  • Rex my bosc Monitor, I saw him in the shop and just loved him
  • My step brother couldn't keep his dog and we took her. She was a black lab/weimariner mix. A kind soul and beautiful animal. I miss her.
  • Our past two pets were two cats, mother and son, we got from one of my husband's sisters. She had many cats already and this mom wandered into her home and had kitten sin her garage.
  • Surprise - a cat! I rescued it from the Humane Society. It had been in a cage for almost a year and I have her now.

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