• That would depend on where you live ; )
  • I don't think so,and also it is against the law to do anything about it,considering free speech.We live in a secular society,and one's beliefs should be able to be shown on a bumper sticker.
  • I would say, in the United States, that if you had one that was not of the Christian faith (Atheist, Muslim, Wiccan, etc...) that you would be.
  • A friend of mine who lives in Central Florida had her car egged - she had a pagan bumper sticker on her vehicle. Of course, it could have been random.
  • Not likely. But they might see discrimination (even if it wasn't there), if they were looking hard enough.
  • As long as it wasn't mocking those who have a region, I doubt it.
  • It shouldn't happen, but I know very well that it does. Those Religionists among us who insist it never happens are probably the very ones launching the attacks.
  • It could happen. That's one of the difficult things about discrimination -- you can go through the day and see 999 people who wouldn't dream of discriminating against you and then run into one who does. Although that person is individually a very, very small percentage of the population, he or she ends up attracting most of your attention. It's not pessimism, it's just that if you know that person might be out there you have to prepare for the worst, no matter how nice everybody else might be.
  • Oh, hell, yes. Scrape that sticker off before you head down south, Blackberry.
  • Sure, it happens. Wearing your religion or lack thereof on your bumper can put you at risk for that kind of thing. When you make your opinions public you choose to take the risk and pay the tab for voicing your beliefs.
  • Yes. I know for a fact. I had a darwin fish on my car, and suddenly my tires got slashed. Drive carefully in Oklahoma and the Bible Belt (tourniquet)
  • yes, but it wouldn't be me discriminating.
  • In a church parking lot for sure. Elsewhere, nobody cares unless they've got 35 different bumper stickers on their car, which convinces most people that the driver is a nutcase.

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