• If it's around breakfast or dinner time, yes. Other times, mostly, BUT they're cats .... and cats take messages and get back to you when they WANT!
  • Yep! That's cause she loves me. ☺
  • Yes, she also comes when I call "hey" [dog]
  • No, because they are cats and they are too independent to care about that.
  • My cats could care less about their names except at dinner time, I think they would answer to anything then.
  • yes hes the most cooperative pet Ive ever had, except when he gets too excited, then hes a pain in an ass but that's part of what i love about him :)
  • my cat can be very contrary - but she will when she feels like it :)
  • dog Is fully trained to obey orders when I call my dog by It's name.
  • My dog does come when I call her. I trained her to do that as my other dog did not always come when I called him - he was busy, ya know! ha Many of my cats will come when I call them too..especially if I hand raised them - they got orphaned or whatever. THey tend to be closer to me than some of the other cats outside. All my inside cats will come when I call them. Yes, yes. I have a lot of animals! ha
  • Her name is Bandit, but she responds to kitty. I dont think we called her by her given name enough :(
  • my pet rock just looks at me, at other times it ignores me completely.
  • No, as our dogs have gotten older they have become fairly deaf. You generally have to catch their visual attention to get any response out of them....:-D... . . .
  • Dog #1: Yes. At first she just looks at you, then you call her again and she usually comes. Dog #2: No. He's a puppy, so he is still learning his name, but does not know to come when you say his name or call him. Cat: He knows his name, he usually just looks at you if you say it. Sometimes he'll meow, and usually if he meows he's in a good mood. Sometimes if he's in a good mood, and is sitting instead of laying, he'll meow and come over if you say it a bunch of times and you have his attention (sometimes you can even say it just once or twice and he comes over). If he's really relaxed and is closing his eyes, but not sleeping, his ears will move and he'll start to sway his tail back and forth. Sometimes he'd open his eyes. I love my Kitty =]
  • No, I think my brother needs hearing aids.
  • yes, or any other cute name
  • I have a Border Collie/Kelpie cross dog, and a pure bred Red Kelpie bitch. Each were bred to control stock, and in that breeding came an inbuilt sense, that unless you work such breeds, you will never have the opportunity to appreciate. I will go so far as to state, once they know what you want, you rarely have to give a command, in fact they watch your every move and read your intentions. I treat my dogs like pets, but once they're in a paddock with stock, they take on a completely different personality, it's all work, no play, and it's of their own volition. They love to work. My Border Collie Cross is 16 years old and still as sharp as ever, my Kelpie is only 8, but their intelligence and capabilities, not to mention impeccable behaviour, have spoilt me for any other bred. Not only that, I love them to bits, lol
  • My cats do if they feel like it. My duck looks me straight in the eye... and waddles away.
  • No, I go to him when he calls. Macaws in the wild can be heard with their powerful voices up to fifty miles away. They're capable, and it's not rare, to have your ear drums rupture from their screams.
  • I don't know if he recognizes his name so much as that he recognizes a certain tone in my voice or Jim's and knows we want him to come in or to us. If he is within hearing distance and we call out, whether we say "here Tigger" or "where are you Pussycat?", or "come on in sweetiepie" he comes running. Happy Sunday! :)
  • dog has nicknames and responds to them also :D
  • My Stormy(horse) nods his head.

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