• Your blank CD probably says 700MB or 80 minutes. mp3 is compressed that has been scrunched to take up less space. Standard CD audio is UNcompressed, and in .wav format. When you burn an "audio cd", you are telling the burning software that you would like it to decompress the music into .wav format before it burns it does. Decompressed audio runs at about 8.75 MB for every minute of audio....(about 80 minutes will fit on a 700 MB cd). If you chose instead to "burn an mp3-cd", the burning software will NOT decompress the audio first...and you will be able to fit all 700 MB worth of mp3 onto the cd. Since the audio is still in mp3 format however, it will only play in CD players designed for MP3...(most...particularly the older ones.. are not). shaggy
  • If it is truly an 800 megabyte CD, and such things exist, then it is because your cruddy software doesn't recognize 800 megabyte CDs. It's likely hard-coded to say 'too big to fit' if your files total more than 700ish (depends on the format you're writing to) and it determines it is a CD and not a DVD. Is it Roxio? It sounds like Roxio. Roxio sucks. Nero rules, Roxio drools.

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