• Sure, in moderation, why not? Cheap protein.
  • I eat them with rice for a complete protein. If the beans are cooked right, they taste good.
  • Bean Burrito;very enjoyable. :)
  • Beans are cheap, healthy and mighty tasty when cooked properly.
  • PEOPLE WHO FART after eating beans fart because they only eat them once in a while.....I eat them almost every day and have no problems.....beans are a great source of protein and good to add to pasta, veggie soup, etc. so all you farters out there? EAT MORE BEANS & your fartin' days'll be over!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I like beans! They are inexpensive, have a lot of protein antioxidants and fiber and are very good for you! Especially the darker ones. I love my pinto beans or big butter beans and cornbread! That's a meal for me, but when cooking for family I add Mac n cheese, sliced tomato, jalapenos and sliced raw onion. Yum! But they are also good in soups and salads (bean, pasta, and green salads) as well as many traditional Mexican dishes. And you can cook a large batch to last an entire month or more if you portion them and store in the freezer. But I guess most people buy canned. I'm cheap and like home cooked and seasoned better so I buy and cook them from dry beans. Oh and by all means don't forget the bean dip/hummus! Yum!

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