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  • What do you think marriage is about?
  • Absolutely not.
  • Don't kid yourself -- EVERYbody pays for it, one way or another...
  • Only if I could afford her.
  • Pfft nope. I have better things to spend my money on, and to be honest I don't really need to pay for sex. Also, as the sex-trade is still illegal where I live, it is quite unregulated. I wouldn't want to pick up a disease of some kind from a not-so-careful hooker.
  • no i haven't officially
  • A few years ago I did for a while just to see what it was all about. I had an ad on the web and a special iphone and pictures taken and everything. Just in my spare time - nights and weekends - I kept my regular office job. A friend working went over the essentials with me and I took it from there on my own. I have always liked guys so most of it came pretty easily. I thought I did well at it, especially for my age - I got a lot of repeat business, regular clients. But I felt terribly guilty I was not spending that time with my husband and when he had a bad work accident I knew I had to stop so I could be with him.
  • Never have never will.
  • When I was about 25 I took a trip to Europe, including to Amsterdam which has a world famous Red Light District, where prostitution is legal. It is like nothing you would see in the U.S. The streets were well lit and filled with people, but in the "storefronts" women would sit in various states of undress. All you would do is find one you like, ring the bell and they would let you in. You would pay the amount - this was before the Euro so it was in Dutch guilder - and then have sex. While I much more enjoy sex with my gf - with whom I have been living now for 10 years - it was actually fun. One prostitute I went to - I went on a few different nights - was a dominatrix and that was - ahem - different. Quite an experience, but on balance I much more enjoy sex with my gf who is the mother also of my children. Compared to sex with her, everything else seems...well....only okay.
    • officegirl
      Dorat once again your candor and honesty are a delight and I think unusual. I have seen those on TV. Please tell - was there any language barrier? I assume you are English speaking. Because my experience was that in the U.S. what most men - at least in their 30s and 40s, mostly married - want is just a good experience with a woman including sex. They want to be talked to and admired and complimented and supported and encouraged and nothing unusual at all in sex. They just want to be the center of attention and have it be about them. Which they are happy to pay for and gratified to receive.
    • dorat
      Thanks for your kind words, I guess my sordid past can be helpful every now and then. (Kidding - I think.) Actually, the language issue - yes, I am an English speaker, I live in DC - was not a problem in Amsterdam. In fact, it was weird because you could watch Dutch TV and it would be in English with Dutch subtitles. Anyhow, English was pretty widely spoken, though somewhat less so outside of the big cities - Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. The prostitutes - over three nights I went to four (the prices were very reasonable....) - were actually not all Dutch. Some were Russian or German. (Hamburg, Germany also has a famous red light district too, though it is nowhere near as large as Amsterdam's.) However, again, at least with me, they all spoke reasonably good English. I think that the girls got the message about American guys. They were all very complimentary about me - probably better than I deserved, and in fact there was one gal, actually a black woman originally from what was once the Belgian Congo, who was so nice that between - ahem - sessions, I actually laid there with her and just talked to her. She was good. Laying her head on my chest and talking and rubbing her hand through my chest hair and the like, She knew how to make the atmosphere, so to speak, but of course, the clock was running the whole time. It was, as I say, an unusual experience. On the plus side, I am glad it is something I tried. On the downside, while I enjoyed it, you knew that it was transactional, so to speak, and that tended to make it, in retrospect, only okay. It was safe, of course. (In fact, in each room there was a certificate from the Dutch Government which I presume certified that the woman was healthy. Condoms were, all the same, a must. I assume more to protect the women.) It was fun and yes, it even made me feel good for a while. Still, as I say, give me one night with my gf and it will be worth 30 nights in Amsterdam. (By the by, I'll have a couple of drinks some night and tell you one other Amsterdam story. Suffice to say, the red light district has a lot of bars and clubs and some have sex shows with audience participation - and yes, I was drunk that night. Cheers!
    • officegirl
      Just read your comment 1/13/17. Where we live it is not illegal to have sex for money or pay money for it. But what is illegal is to SOLICIT it on the part of either party. Do you get that distinction? The point for most people is I think they are not against it but they don't want much of the kind of stuff that so often goes with it - bars, x-rated films (do they stll even have them?), low-lifes, drugs, crime etc. in their neighborhoods. Which certainly I would not want in ours. Though when I was escorting I used a motel on the highway not five minutes from our house.
    • dorat
      Yes, I understand the distinction. I am not sure that I agree that most people are fine with prostitution, except for what comes with it. I know this: Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, but taking pictures in the red light district - though NOT illegal - will get you tossed in the local canal. The gals are in the business, but they don't want to be seen - particularly by family and friends - to be in the business....and THAT's in a country with a culture that is very open minded toward sex and prostitution. The district itself, by the way, was unlike anything that you think of with prostitution in the States. Yes, there are bars and clubs, but the whole thing is brightly lit, clean and teeming with people. Not exactly a seedy neighborhood.

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