• like a hypochondriac.
  • I have a great Doc who listens intently. If yours doesn't, go find a new one right away.
  • My doctor smirked when I told him something I was experiencing. He told me not to be paranoid. I'm getting a new doctor!
  • A doctor must listen to you when you are describing your symptoms,that way they can make a correct diagnosis.Its actually the patient who gives them the clue as to what is wrong, and then they through experience know what medicine to prescribe.
  • I'm lucky. My PCP and chiropractor are both heavensent...they listen to my concerns and treat me like a human and not just a number.
  • I've always found them to be a waste of space.
  • My doctor is awesome but we treat each other with respect. I don't try to hurt myself (I don't smoke, drink, over eat and I exercise) and waste his time complaining about all my aches and pains that I brought on myself. When I visit the doctor, I bring a note pad with my questions and any details I can give. My doc is awesome!
  • I just went to the dentist and during a root canal he had to cauterize something. Well, he accidently burned the corner of my mouth and DIDNT BELIEVE HE DID IT!!! So your question was entertaining for me.......
  • No matter what I see my doctor about, the only thing she says is "There's nothing wrong with you that loosing 150 pounds won't cure!" It's like she won't take any of my complaints seriously since I am borderline obese and everything is related to that. I know people that have twice my BMI and are perfectly healthy.

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