• do you use an antenna? if so then yes u need a converter. if you receive hi-def(means very sharp clear picture, no double images nor fuzz on screen. a crystal clear picture tell u if ur tv is hi-def ready or not..) pic without an antenna then ur all it a flat screen? if it isn't you'll most likely need a converter.
  • I've often wondered about that. Thanks for asking this Q! + for you. We lost another analog channel, due to them switching over to digital and can't even pick it up with the converter box now. Works out great, now my daughter can't watch Hanna Montana, Suite Life with Zack and Cody or That's so Raven. One down, one to go. :-)
  • You'll need to know if your TV has a digital tuner built in. If you know that your digital TV has a digital tuner, then you should be all set. Otherwise, you'll need a converter box. Btw, many television sets built in 2004 or later do have digital tuners built in (although some do not). The best way to tell is to check the owner's manual, manufacturer's site, or look for an input connection labeled "digital input" or "ATSC" (for Advanced Television Systems Committee, which is the DTV format). Here's a link to two questions to answer that will determine if you need to worry about this transition or not. Whether or not you current use a "rabbit ear" antenna to pick up channels does not seem to matter if you have a digital tuner built into the television. If you find out that you do need a converter box, apply for a coupon for one at the site.
  • If your television has a digital tuner, then you should not need any converter box to receive digital signals over an antenna. Only if it is an old analog TV do you need the converter box. See the government's Digital TV Coupon site for more info.

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