• Try to have rational conversations with drunks, druggies and schizophrenics. Shoot rampaging chimps. (The chimp opened the police car door and was climbing inside to tear their faces off. It wasn't like they had a choice.) Write lots of reports.
  • Attend roll call, stand inspection, check the warrant list, inspect your patrol car, clean out your patrol where the nitwit from 3rd shift left his Snickers bar wrapper again, etc, etc, etc. ;-)
  • -put up with the drunks pissing and shitting themselves -notify the next of kin -take the kids away when mom and dad go to jail for beating each other up -listen to you say how you pay their salary and why don't you go catch some real criminals -go home and try not to take it out on your family
  • My understanding is that they have a quota,not unlike a salesman,of traffic tickets each week or month they need to get.I was once stopped for not wearing my seatbelt,and asked the cop if he stopped me because he was concerned for my safety or was that he had to give me a ticket because of a quota,and his reply was yes.
  • Inspect all the local coffee and donut shops.
  • I'm sure many of them stop to say a prayer that they will return home after their shifts to their spouse and families, alive and unharmed. MrXAnon
  • Eat donuts, it is a must you know.
  • in this economy, write traffic tickets!!!! especially since some states are going bankrupt, they are looking for ways to make money.
  • Catch burglars:)
  • they have a licence to kill!
  • Take off his good guy head and put his bad guy head on.
  • - Write reports. - investigate crimes - Direct traffic - give tickets - control crowds - attend on going training - Reason with people - Be Visible in the community (walk the beat) - try to prevent crime - arrest people and this is a nice one - Do Public Relations. last christmas at my daughter's elementary school - they had a Chris Breakfast in which some offercier came in Full dress uniform (it really impresses the little ones)
  • eat doughnuts...
  • ... document everything with detailed reports ...
  • A lot of writing. Watching. Patrolling. Taking care of complaints and road hazards.
  • A day in the life of a cop: Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, write tickets, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, answer domestic violence call, paperwork, paperwork, arrest vandals, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, serve court order, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, car chase, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, save a kitten, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, stop for lunch but leave before served to answer call, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, haul a psychopath to the asylum, paperwork, paperwork, iterogate a suspect, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, show up in court to testifiy, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, get in shoot out and get paid while on six months of suspension, paperwork.....
  • Drink coffee, eat doughnuts, and plant drugs on black people.
  • Strip for the ladies!!Woo hoo!
  • Look cute in his uniform:
  • write reports
  • pay attention to everything lol
  • I had a good friend of mine who had been the desk Sargent for a smaller PA township, a good friend and I'm told a very good cop. He died of pneumonia last summer, the police motorcade at his funeral was three miles long. I've never seen anything like it. Just one more thing a police officer does, that's honor their own.
  • hi nunya. well my hubby is a detective in the army, and he responds to calls like domestic distubrances, larcenys, drugs, child neglect, and stuff like that. he doesn't actually pull people over or write them tickets because he drives an undercover car (unless they are really doing something outrageous!) :)
  • I'm pretty sure its in their job description to find anything they can get there greasy little hands on with someone and do whatever they can to ruin their day. Like its in their bylaws to find something to charge someone with otherwise whats the point of being a cop if you don't get make everyone else lives living hell.
  • Eat, drink, sleep, pee, poo, rest, breathe, blink, fart, belch, sleep, eat, drink, rest and pick his nose.
  • arrest people
    • we are dough 68
      Yes, that as well.

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