• Yes, both electronic and printed cards. Bah Humbug day is December 21st. banners too
  • I do not know. But there is a good Chick tract(little comic-style gospel tracts) called "Humbug" that retells the Christmas Carol and changes a few things. Ebenezer Scrooge accepts Jesus Christ as his Saviour in it instead of being visited by three spirits. To read it, go to and go to tracts and find "Humbug". Some people, whether they celebrate Christmas or not, will probably be interested in reading that. A lot of people like to read these little tracts and they get the Gospel of messege of Christ and the Word of God out to people very easily. -In Jesus' Name Thank you and may God bless you! :D
  • I just use a normal card and write, "Dick, Bah, Humbug." Dick is the person's name, not some sort of comment.
  • You can always make one.

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