• Enemy. How could he be a hero? I wonder.
  • please dont downrate my daughter for this question ..i dont think she really understood it herself lol ..and it sounds so offensive..thnx ...:O)
  • Depending on point of view. I see him as an enemy, but he is a hero to some.
  • Neither as he is dead so I hear.
  • He is definetly an enemy. However, he was a genius and an excellent speaker. I admire his ability of persuasion and speaking, but hate more than I can express what he did.
  • Hitler was the dictator of Germany during the early 1940's. He created the National Socialists party, known as the NAZI's. His rise to power was the result of disastrous political maneuvering at the end of world war I when the treaty of Versailles basically left Germany in ruins and kept it there. His ultra-conservative party fed on the prejudices of ordinary Germans and used hate and fear to gain popularity. By working closely with American and other businessmen he secured the financing he needed to fuel Germany's rise back into power. He began small, taking a country here and there through diplomatic means or making a relatively small conquest, but eventually he invaded France and all hell broke loose. He was extremely antisemitic and sent a staggering 6 million Jews and other "undesirable" people to their death just for existing. It is that, more than anything else that makes him one of the truly evil people in our history. He killed himself in Berlin once it was clear that the war was lost and Berlin was about to fall.
  • A cultural relativist would say he could be both.
  • He was a First World War hero who won the Iron Cross 2nd Class,later he became the enemy of all mankind.
  • Definelty an enemy. he created the "Final Solution" that was the cause of thousands of deaths! How could that make him a hero!?!?!
  • He's no more.So he can't be an enemy.Even the Germans were tortured by his holocaust. .. He is definitely a villian but,on the brighter side the way he empowered Germany in a short time span can't be overlooked. . He had the Talent and leadership but his approach towards humanity was aweful.
  • Adolf was not a nice guy no.
  • stop downrating me you evil person!
  • if he would have been on our side he very well have been a hero but unfortunately he wasn't making him an enemy in most peoples eyes
  • Hitler was not even a WW I hero. Being of Austrian origin he was on the wanted list of the Ausrian police for desertion. But Hitler was an enemy of every normal people. He was even the worst enemy of the German people and nation.
  • Anyone who wantonly murders innocent people is my enemy.
  • Enemy!
  • He's dead. But most people don't see him as a hero.
  • I'm sure Satan speaks fondly of him.
  • Hitler is EVIL personified! The horrific atrocities that took place under his demand has no equal. ANYONE that looks at Hitler as a hero is ignorant or evil them selves.

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