• It has happened to me as well. Its just part of AB life. Hugs.
  • Not at all. When it starts, I just click that lovely button labeled UNSUBSCRIBE.
  • Nope, never bothers me. If a comment thread starts not being interesting, I might "Unsubscribe", but they aren't hijacking it. That's what they are for, for people to comment together. I mean, if every person that came by to give points wrote a comment saying 'thank you', that would light up a comment light just as often, so why not have people actually commenting with each other. We had the Unsub button added just for such annoyances.
  • No, thats why they have the "Unsubscribe" button.
  • that is why you can hit the unsubscribe button.
  • When you ask something, there's an optional option below the category list: Educational or Conversational - mark as Educational and there will be no chat, only serious answers. Mark as Conversational and you'll see chat.
  • Not at all. It just shows how congenial people are. They are free to speak when and where they want to, so they are relaxed with they get on AB. No pressure. Who needs it?
  • No, I get in on more conversations and find out interesting things that way.
  • I'm that guy!
  • No it does not bother me at all I am quite happy for people to join in or even take over the comment thread. I do not own any space on AB. If it goes off at a tangent and i am no longer involved I just unsubscribe then I no longer get the notification light.
  • It can be but I'm guilty of it at times, just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the comments.
  • No, I don't mind. It doesn't belong to me since it's a public place and I think people treat it as a community to get in touch with each other. I like when people have a friendly conversation in my questions. Now, an argument is a different matter. That I wouldn't like. But I can always unsubscribe so it's not too bad. If there is nasty language I can ask the staff or a CL to deal with it.
  • That sounds like a real hi-jack, 'nothing to do with me or the question'. That might annoy me. I'm not sure I've been subjected to that. Most of the time there is some relation to the question, and that's fine. Sometimes the palsy walsies take a dislike to someone and put their mutual admiration society on display; they love the support they get that way and its even better if they can annoy you. Like any other field of endeavor, if you hope to get anything of this it'll be a mix of pluses and minuses. I don't think I'm too swayed by reactions here; neither do I expect to persuade others much. I'd like to share some good stuff, but I don't know if it will be virtual friendships. Thanks for the opportunity to respond.
  • No, it does not bother me.
  • It does not bother me at all. If I don't want to read it I just hit unsubscribe.
  • Not really. I don't comment on that many answers to my questions so usually I have nothing to be hijacked. ;) Comment threads can function as multi-party chats with IM access but without real-time constraints. In that way they provide an AB meeting place for 2 or more friends to chat without them having to be simultaneously online. To me that's like hosting a party without having to provide any refreshments or having to clean up after. ;) Are you getting the Comment light because you're thanking those who answer your questions?
  • Nah. I only comment on the answers where I actually have something to say. So anybody else commenting would be continuing the conversation, and if I'm not involved anymore I unsubscribe.

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