• An indoor swimming pool, nice landscaping.
  • A secret room, hidden behind a bookcase or something.
  • a sustainable wood house, built on a flat piece of land with far reaching views, not too far from a town, or at least within cycling distance. Big garden, and a greenhouse. The greenhouse would be attached to the house - with a direct access from inside the house. All around there would be a verandah. The house itself would be a U shape, so that I would have a small courtyard immediately at the back, but that in turn would lead to a large garden, filled with veggie beds, and of course a wind turbine. Obviously, it would contain solar panels. The hallways would go right up to the roof - with stairs going up and around it, but at the very top of the house would be a little cupula (is that what they call it? like a mini room in the roof with windows?) Anyway - there would be a seating area around the top, just under the windows, so I could sit up there and gaze at the stars.
  • I would put a wall sized mirror in my master bedroom. Add those bathtubs that look like a teacup. An inside pool with slides safe enough for my little nieces and nephews. (probably hire a part-time lifeguard so they can swim as long as they want, whenever they want, how late they want lol) Have a kitchen outside so we can have the biggest cookouts. Grass and Wheeping Williows everywhere. Maybe add a mini drive-in theater. Basically anything that will keep my family entertained :)
  • Your home designs are beautiful. It looks as if you do fantastic work. While looking, this question caught my eye and got my creative juices flowing. ;) This isn't very unusual, but on the outside I want a very cool fireplace to cap off a great outdoor living space. There would also be an amazing water garden with many rocks, falls and a large variety of plants. On the inside, a small wine room, nothing too elaborate or too large. Maybe only 6 X 5 or so finished. It would have stone walls and ceiling. The door to the wine room would be an iron gate but the design of the gate and type of stone would be determined by the style of the home. I would want to be sure that everything looked as if it belonged.
  • Designer, please see my earlier comments on the previous answer. If this is the only mistake I make today, then I'll consider the day incredible success. :-)

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