• If you are suggesting murder, then no, I wouldn't. However, I wouldn't be above scaring him out of town.
  • You could try paying him to disappear. If she is a legal adult, you have very little recourse.
  • After what our family has been through. I would make him an offer he could not refuse.
  • Absolutely not. He is in her life for a reason, you can discourage it, but he is there to teach her something and maybe you something too. Maybe she'll show you that she has the strength to get through this phase in her life and that you can give her the encouragement to do so. With that being said, we aren't in your shoes. Only you know the intensity of the situation. Keep in mind that taking a life isn't the right solution.
  • Chances are the more you let her know that you disapprove of this guy, the more she is going to want to be with him. That is just how we humans are. He may even have her taking drugs too. I know you can have a little talk with the guy and let him know that your niece is very important to you and NOTHING better not hurt her or he better not bring anything into her life that is going to cause harm to her or else he will have to deal with you. Put the fear in him. Don't kill him fife that wouldn't be a wise decision. A druggie isn't worth you messing up your own life on him. I know you have probably already talked to your niece and probably even to him but I don't know how severe the problem is. I do have a sister that the same happened with her and she finally had to be the one to make up her mind to leave this guy alone. The more you interfer with it, the more she is going to fight you on it and want to be with him. Just let him know that you know and that it better stop, if not he will have to deal with you, scare the shit out him. I hope it works out without having to result to murder.
  • i wouldnt commit a murder or hire anyone to do so.
  • He'd be history if he's abusing my little girl. * Just like when Clemenza took Fredo fishing in the "Godfather II".
  • This is the song to play him to get him streight if he wants to date her...
  • Yes I would. He'd vanish faster than David Copperfields kiddie porn in an FBI raid.
  • Id pay a really hot chick, to steal the boyfreind away, LOL.
  • No, I wouldn't murder him, just maybe "have a quiet word".
  • I would never do anything to intentionally hurt my child or anyone I love. getting rid of him would just make a martyr out of him without her realizing he was scum and she would likely find another like him once she got over the pain of what you I had done. In fact, it may make her vulnerable to someone far worse and predatory than the last one. I would tell her why i think the guy is a bad choice but would count on what i had taught her to eventually come through so she can dump the loser
  • No because they tend to choose a pattern and it would only be a stepping stone to the next one. Why they want that kind of life and choose those kinds of people I don't know.

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