• I'm not THAT bad!
  • Really Good! I'm an expert in driving in ditches at will. Its an excellent skill.
  • OMG Mrs. C!!! Any idea where that video was shot??? It had to be where they don't usually get ice and snow. I can honestly say - my winter driving skills are great - they have to be where I live. Great video!
  • No one is that bad, that driver had to have had to deliberately hit that many vehicles!
  • I learned my lesson about ice years ago. I don't go out at all when its icy. In snow, I'm pretty good.
  • Luckily, it doesnt ice over where I live... If it did, we'd have to walk!
  • Could you imagine exchanging insurance????? Lets see I hit your car and his car that wall and those 3 cars at the bottom of the hill!Thanks for sharing Mrs.C.
  • Winter driving fail.
  • Totally at the mercy of the road hu? I wouldn't want to be in any of those peoples shoes. WOWZA!! OUCH on the pocketbooks! +5 fun question.
  • Not too bad. I try to stay off ice if possible and drive slowly both on ice and snow. I've had a few accidents but none in bad weather.
  • Very good. Downstate Illinois is slidy all winter long.
  • I used to have crazy-good driving skills in the winter. My husband even taught me how to swing the ass-end of the car around just right at the end of the road in order to do a complete turn around so I didn't have to take the chance of pulling in and out of a driveway and maybe getting stuck. Everyone in our neighborhood used to crack up and they were amazed that I could spin around because everytime most of them tried they would get stuck or hit the curb, or something else. I did have a really good teacher though. And I was actually smart enough not to go out anywhere in the snow unless I absolutely had to. Not because of my driving but because of the other people on the road who didn't have a clue how to drive in it. And, I would never, ever take a chance on ice if knew it was ice. Once, I did watch a 7-car pile up similar to this one once. There was one spot that each time a car came around the corner they had absolutely no control and went directly into a ditch. Each car that came around ended up doing the same as the first, hitting the car that went into the ditch before them. They were lucky no one got hurt.
  • That has to be New Jersey. That's the only place I've ever seen where people drive that stupidly. (A good rule: If you have trouble walking on it you will have a lot more trouble driving on it!)
  • I grew up in New England. My pre-licensing lessons were in snow with some in an icy field. My skills are probably almost better on snow/ice than on dry pavement, and I'm pretty good on pavement. Those people have poor enough throttle modulation skills that they should have their licenses revoked. ANYBODY who can't handle that little bit of snow/ice should not be driving. Send them to NH and let Darwinism remove them from the gene pool.
  • I believe I have very good winter driving skills, but it does not look like there was much you could do in this videos case except....stay off of the streets.
  • Unfortunately I can't watch your video on this computer but my winter driving skills are awesome! I've always loved it. The very day I got my license it was snowing and I went on a very long drive down the backroads of the town I was living in at the time. About a week ago I saw a couple guys trying to get their 4-wheel drive truck out of a snowbank. I stopped and ask them if they wanted help, they said yes but I told them only if I could drive. They had been fighting with it for half an hour, I had it out about 10 seconds later without them pushing. :-) I love winter driving.
  • portland oregeon maybe??
  • Well, I've driven OTR for a number of years now and feel pretty good about my bad weather driving skills, but I must admit that I don't enough skill to "take out" half of the cars in town, in one accident! lol.
  • I am very precautious when driving on the snow/ice, especially by keeping my distance from other vehicles.
  • I was required to go to "skid school" when the Navy sent me to Maine. But I don't drive in bad weather down south. The roads are not maintained and no one down here knows how to drive in it.

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