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  • Lots of people like horses and other animals. If you are trying to imply that you have a sexual attraction to them, you need to speak with a mental health professional right away.
  • i saw that someone said that you need to see a mental health expert, i disagree in a way. i am a zoophile i am not even into humans i like horses and only horses. i do not think it is a mental issue because i like being the way i am. its not your fault if your a zoophile, you were just born that way. beastiality and zoophilia are two different things, bestiality is more like rape to an animal and i am against it. but zoophilia is more romanticly involved with an animal, my "mate" is a horse and i treat her how a man would treat a woman. raping is wrong and thats basicly what beastiality seems to be. i was born a zoophile and nothing can change that. i dont see anything wrong with it,i dont see zoophilia any different frome gay people. if gays have rights why not zoophiles? i love my horse very much and have an emotional bond to her, i treat her with respect and i dont have her just for sex like beastialists do. i hope my answere helped.
  • you must be 18 to be in the adult section. You have been reported
  • Horses are an attractive animal. Most people think they're cute. You just think they're a little cuter for some reason.
  • you should seriously consider not partaking in this activity. Not only is it morally repugnant, it is also dangerous... so here is my advice: find a girl, smoke an illegally gotten cigarette, and think about your future...

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