• lololololololol ew! i'd go throw a rock, shatter their window, run back to my bed and go back to sleep. :D
  • I'd record it and make a video for yourtube called "Sounds from 24XX PXXXXX st." And let the world in on their "fun".
  • wear ear plugs or slip a note under their door and tell them they need to be louder during sex cause it excites you. (reverse psychology). Or you could do what an actor did in a movie, stand in the door way and when they walk by bend you legs, go up and down and make a squeaky mattress sound with your mouth while looking at them.
  • It must be an apartment...bang on the wall
  • turn up the radio.
  • Move Turn on the fan Purchase sound deadening curtains or wall coverings Play loud music or turn up the TV
  • Get it on even louder :) with myself ^_^ and make 'weird' a loud moan followed by a evil giggle "hehehhe" LOL
  • If I were on social terms with them, I'd just jokingly tell them that I could hear them in a non-threatening way. If I continued to hear them after that, I'd probably slip a note under their door and tell them that I'd appriciate it if they were a bit quieter 6 days out of the week. I wouldn't say all the time, because sex is better when it's uncontrolled. haha
  • try to beat them at it, so they can hear you and then that would probably embarrass the hell out of thema dn they would be more careful. i hope!
  • Get some popcorn and pop in an adult dvd but turn the sound down...and enjoy the realistic sounds of animal planet.It's mating season...
  • This happened once.. but wasn't every night it was just one night. I had to walk my puppy and I heard my neighbor and the french girl and she was really over acting and just sounded hilarious.. it wasn't so much sexy for me.. it was just annoying and funny. I called some friends outside to have a listen with me.
  • Click "record".
  • ... if you can hear them, then they can hear you ... make the type of noise that will attract their attention and spoil the mood ... may I suggest playing very loud recordings of small young children playing and laughing, or barn yard animals, or horror screaming & gunshots ... anything that makes it difficult to continue having sex ...

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