• Their parents neglected to teach them the really nasty ones were perfecely socially acceptable
  • I would see it as more a compliment,showing that a liberal is more open,world minded,reasonable and willing to accept the opinions of others and welcome change.I would take conservative as a more offensive term.
  • It's like the term 'do-gooder' - at least it is in the U.K. - I think the word liberal has different connotations in the U.S. In the U.K. 'liberal' means someone who is less likely to be judgemental, has a more open minded attitude to people of different beliefs or dispositions. And someone who is certainly not politically of the far right, as I think it suggests in the U.S.
  • I consider the term "liberal" as used by conservatives to be the same as the word "nigger" when used by racists. "Nigger," refers only to one's race, but has come to have degrading connotations thanks to its use, the same is true of "liberal." Whenever someone like Bill O'reily or Rush Limbaugh refers to "liberal loons" it plants the seeds of anathema within the minds of conservatives and independents alike. And so while I do consider myself to be a liberal democrat, I take great offense when I'm called a "liberal" by bigoted conservatives, Christians in particular.
    • Evil Penguin
  • I usually intend it as an yes. Although I expect young people to be "left wingers", I also expect most adults to move past that -- using their head more than their heart. Extremists...right or left are just kooky past a certain age.
  • I know people try to use it as an insult, but it doesn't bother me, I know I am liberal and I like it that way.
  • The loony left is a popular one used by people who have to resort to name calling just because someon's views differ from theirs. I don't care personally.
  • Depends on the liberal. Some of them are thoughtful, honest and get things done from a place of morality and without hostility or agression. Some of them are just stupid and hide behind the generalization and group that best describes their own sence of complacency and inability to come to a decision that is not passive. Life is not always that easy and I tend to respect those that have to make the hard choices for the greater good rather than those who make the wrong choices because they are first and foremost a weakling hiding behind a term.
  • Liberals generally believe in being socially responsibile for the welfare of all, open minded, and trying to find ways to improve society. And the people tht use the term as an insult seem to be the exact opposite. Close minded, me first mentality, and screw everyone else. You know, conservatives.
  • Not me. Of course, I'm a conservative or 'Righty'.

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