• I have quit smoking in a day. Just pretend they do not exist and you never smoked at all in the first place :P
  • you live for the short term sit and reprogram your mind
  • If you find some good advice let me know, my man is a jerk without them, we barely talked the 3 days he tried to quit
  • Get on everything you can. Chantix, yes the patch, everything. Get a hypnosis cd. List the top reasons why you want to quit and constantly refer to it. Do everything you can. Might as well make it as easy as possible to quit and also as likely as possible to quit and also lessen what you will put your family through with the bad moods.
  • The gum worked for me. I didn't even have to use the whole box. It's mainly the first few days after you quit that are worse, because you have to also retrain your BEHAVIORS. You are used to grabbing a cigarette at certain times, so if you are chewing gum it relieves that "stress". --It wasn't long before I realized I had lost the behaviors associated with smoking...kinda like "forgetting" to grab a cigarette, if you could put it that way. --Even if you screw up you can still just go back on the gum and it's not hard to quit again.
  • I've never smoked so I can't share my personal experience with you. However, I can share my observations with you. My dad smoked heavily for 30 years and one day quit cold turkey. My brother-in-law quit smoking on his 50th birthday and never smoked again. My sister quit the same day as her husband and had a harder time, but not a miserable time. None of them were cranky. Why? I think because they each had made up their minds that if they didn't quit they would die sooner or live a less pleasant life as they aged. If you're really serious, you don't need to be a Drama Queen and make others miserable. Just suck it up, slog through it, and keep your eye on the goal! Good luck! :)
  • I've been trying since December. I keep going on 7 day quit streaks and starting again... but times are tough right now so I'm not blaming myself. Really the only thing I learned, is that you *have* to take it one day at a time. Every day tell yourself that you will not have a cigarette today, and before you know it, it'll be a week. Weeks will turn into months and then you won't even remember them. Make sure it's one day at a time though. Don't be hard on yourselves if you slip up, on average it takes 6 tries before someone quits smoking. I'm personally on my 5th one as I respond to your question. One day at a time, that's the key. Oh and go on a detoxification diet, it really helps. Cleans out your system from all the poisonous material :)
  • put a sucker in your mouth when you feel like you have to have a cigarette. I hope this helps a little.
  • I have a friend who smoked for decades. He decided to try one of those hypnotherapy workshops. It was a half-day event and cost $40. He got a CD to listen to at night, and he can go back to another event free anytime for the rest of his life. It worked like a charm. He quit.
  • I actually met someone today at work saying they are on their 4th week on stopping on smoking. She said she uses these huge fiber pills to detoxify her body and she doesnt crave them.
  • The patch is just that! I quit smoking by not eating anyn starches (potatoes; bread etc. for two weeks and then soaked in a tub with Epson salts and hot water and watched the nicotine come out of my pores. Then the attatchment physically is gone!
  • Go for a long jog and walk in the morning before lighting up. This will make you more thankful for oxygen. Also, your brain will release pleasure receptors. Moreover, this will offset the weight gain associated with quitting smoking. Even if you do not stop right away, this should reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke.
  • Why can't you use patches?
  • Hypnotherapy can work for a lot of people but you have to be committed to stopping.
  • Most of my family are on the path to being free from ciggys. They have been using an electronic ciggy is awesome, i have seen 40 a day smokers go to nothing in a day.. Try it out :)
  • When you feel the craving comming get up for a few minutes and do something..i't passes alot quicker then you think... GOOD LUCK!
  • Try a bell pepper slice. They have a small amount of nicotine and the crunch helps a bit too.
  • Try what I'm doing right now. Go as long as you can without smoking. Try to control your thoughts as best as possible. If you feel like you can't hang, instead of smoking, go to the store and pick up some store brand nicotine gum. It works. Trust me.
  • I'm smoking again, but stopped for ten years. I went from 40 a day, for ten years, to nothing a day. The first 4 days were the hardest. It seems that the biggest problem is to pass time, because it gets easier to not go back to smoking the more time has passed, so to get myself to that easier point (it seemed only about two weeks later, with just the first 4 days being really tough), I went on runs or walks or went to the movies, and slept a lot. I am sorry I started again after having left smoking alone for ten years, but I'm not quitting again. Yet.
  • go to, i havent had cigarettes for over 8 months now
  • Do you like your life? ... do you enjoy living? If not ... then keep enjoying the smokes ... If the answer is yes and you love your limited life >>> Then you must force the will to create a longer existance for yourself ... because one day without any doubt, you will be lying in a hospital bed with some seriously related smoking illness to a slow certain early death. No one but you, can help you ... spend a longer time with your children or their children ... Quit with will or die with regret. Peace
  • Quit being so self indulgent and suck it up. Don't want to injure your family? Tell them you need their support and if you feel like venting gtfo and walk, shoot baskets, mow the lawn, jump rope...anything...but don't indulge yourself and abuse their support too much. Make stepping out rare. Keep what's ahead in mind. For you and your family.
  • I smoked heavilly for nearly forty years,tried many times to give it up but failed. One day I wandered into a herbal nursery and while talking to the two young lady's who owned the place told them my story. They sold me two small bottles of teatree oil, told me, when the urge got too bad to place two drops of oil under my tongue. After trying numerous cures, I found this one worked and haven't had a smoke since.
  • look into electronic cigarrets, thats whats saved me and my gf(i was heavy smoker for 12years and went through patches and gums with no success). Not sure if can post links to other forums here but if you google "electronic cigarette forum" the very 1st link is the best place to get all the info about them. I am using DSE900 and my GF using M-class e-ciggs. My nick is the same there as it is here - if you need additional help. Here is how it works short version: Your e-cig is actually a vaporiser so instead of smoke you inhaling harmless steam(imagine tea cattle). You can still adjust the amount of nicotine in the liquid(called nicotine liquid) yourself(nicotine is the stuff that makes you addicted to ciggs but suprisingly not what kills you) so your system is getting what it really needs out of regular cigs - nicotine(same as patch/gum does), but you avoid carbon monoxide and over 100 other chemicals that are the real killers(including formaldehyde - the stuff they pump into corpses to make them look livelier(think about that next time you light up)). The vapor looks exactly like smoke and its the same exact action - puff-inhale-blow out smoke:). Besides beign able to adjust amount of nicotine ,you can also add different flavors to it(i prefer marlboro cofee, my gf is more of the cheesecake-bublegum). I was the heavy smoker for over 12 years - and dissmised all that tried to get me to quit. Then started noticing small changes that did not like at all and got me pretty scared. Nicotine pathes/gums/therapy even hypnosis didnt do a thing for me, then i found e-ciggs. Sure it takes a bit of adjusting but i've been smoke free for over 4 month now and notice more energy, no more black coughs in the morning and even my attitude seem to have gone from super grouchy to still grouchy but at least you'l live after looking at me funny. try it - i am not selling them and make no money from this - just my own experience
  • I used to smoke 20 a day. 4 years ago I went to Ciggarrest( and I have never smoked again. Not only that, I have never wanted to! Really worked out for me. The product was really great. You can also try out this product.
  • Aribowo Abdurrahman answered the question, it is better to quit smoking totally with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) The Best therapy in 2018 to help people stop from addiction such as cigars, cigarettes or weeds. see my video
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      terapi terbaik 2018 SEFT therapy
  • just dont smoke
  • Until you decide in your mind you have quit, not going to quit, you will make in your mind every excuse to not quit. No patches, gum or any other crutch will stop you from permanently stopping smoking. Only when you plant it in your brain I HAVE QUIT SMOKING will you quit. I quit smoking in 1957 and other than occasional second hand smoke I have never smoked another cigarette or had a desire to, Today I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes.
  • SIMPLY put, if you want to stop smoking, you should, at the very least, have a strong motivation to do so. How can you strengthen your motivation? For one thing, consider how much better off you will be if you quit smoking. You will save money. A pack-a-day habit can cost thousands of dollars a year. You should get more joy out of life. When people stop smoking, their senses of taste and smell improve markedly, and they usually have more energy and an improved physical appearance. Your health may improve.
  • My daughter is vaping now instead of smoking but I'm not sure if she's trying to quit. My advice: Don't stop trying, win!
  • The trick for me was to work up to a mind set where defeat was not an option and no turning back. Immediately after quitting you will probably experience "doubts" that quitting was really not a good idea (it was), that you don't HAVE to quit (you do) and you have some "right" to make your own decisions like smoking (bad idea). Be prepared to shut those thoughts down as soon as they arise (and they WILL). The first few days are pretty bad and the first week is trying. It gets better after a week and after two weeks it becomes much easier to resist the desire to smoke. After that urges are only occasional and weak and quickly disappear. good luck.
  • Good luck. Nothing is working for me.
  • Quit smoking is easy. I've done it a million times !-P But if you've got little willpower then get onto vaping instead.

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