• Strangers
  • Their integrity....I teach, and with all the corruption and dishonesty that they are being exposed to (they listen to their parents comments and concerns) I have my work cut out for me, as do their parents.
  • Kitchen knives and match boxes.
  • age 0 - 2 watch out for hot things don't hit your head when you stand up don't pinch your fingers in the drawers keep your hands out of the doors when they close don't tip your bowl up don't pull off our glasses don't bite watch out for the edge of the bed or you'll fall off don't hit the pets stay away from the computer keys unless you are invited don't eat the pet food don't go outside without permission stay out of the kitchen don't grab the diapers we just took off you Grandma doesn't like you to throw the ball at her the cat might scratch you if you squeeze him pulling the dog's tail might make him mad people don't like you to stick your finger in their nose stay away from plugs and wires don't touch Grandma's craft supplies
  • Talking to strangers.
  • Books. I have taught my daughter the value of a book. She has never written in one or tore one up.
  • blades hot / fire containers with liquids street traffic strangers climbing
  • lying Was one of the first thing they learned about at a early age, don't tell one. Because it would only get them real hot water. They knew they would get in a whole lot less trouble if they told be right up front if they had done wrong, than to lie to me. There is nothing I Hate worse than to be lied too.
  • Fire Fireworks Guns (if your hunting, etc.) Strangers etc.
  • guys that want to give them candy!
  • Drugs and STD's
  • spending too much time on the internet =P
  • I don't have kids, but if I did, I would try to teach them to be careful of/with what other people say is true. I'd try to teach them to question everything and not take anything for granted.
  • Peer pressure..strangers of all kinds..on the computer and in the streets. Someone tried to attempt to offer to give my daughter a ride when she was 15 she's now 18 on a summer day at a bus stop. He asked her if she needed a ride she said no thank you he insisted she continued to yell no she threw something at his car to cause a scene so someone whould help (no none did) he got out of his car and beat her he was arrested for assault he only served 62 days..We taught her to yell, scream, throw stuff and still nothing worked. She faught back and used her cell phone and that was all she could do. To this day we try to educate our children to do all they can we as the public have to remember that we too have to intervene when we see something suspisious. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. All the witnesses said they thought it was her boyfriend..THE MAN WAS 50! and or her father..not that it matters he was kicking her in the head and body in the daylight in front of more than 10 people. SHE DID EVERYTHING EVERY PARENT TEACHES THEIR KID..go figure..
  • Knives. My son has a bad habit of cutting into or towards his hand. He's learning, though;)
  • Proper use of fire arms, knives, gas, fire works, safety equipemnt, etc.
  • I teach my son to be mindful of other's feelings among other things, but that one is important to me.
  • to be careful of all people because you never truly know what their intentions are.
  • Playing woth matches and lighters
  • To Say No to Drugs and Alcohol.

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