• I'm an Atheist -- yes, I would be upset, because of the whole damning and sin aspect of many religions. However, I'm sure I'd love them no matter what.
  • No, I taught my child to make his own mind up about religion, he was taught many different types.
  • I am an athiest, and yes, I would be upset (although I would accept it). I think religion is a crutch, and hopefully, I could teach my children not to need crutches.
  • yes we should is our failure too that we could not give him our feelings
  • I am a Christian and it would upset me if one of my children had decided to become atheistic. But I raised them to think for themselves, and to decide important issues for themselves, including what ( if any ) religion they would want to be. I also went to great lengths to insure they knew they did not have to choose to believe as I did just because they are my children. All of them elected to become Christians, some of them nominal and one of them zealous. I have the most arguments with the one who is zealous. Heh!
  • My husband and I neither athiest or catholic. We have made up our mind to give our children the right of choice. If they choose to belive i will support them and if they choose not to i will support them too. It isn't our right to judge our children based on decisions like that. Its our job to protect them and hope that the path that they chose makes them happy.
  • As an atheist, I would let my children make their own minds up. If it was from their personal conviction to become a Christian, that would be fine (though I would politely make my opinion clear). If it was (say) to get in with a girlfriend, that would be unacceptable. As it is, my children are, if anything, more atheist than I. One son refused to go to Boy Scouts at age seven because he could not promise to "do his duty to God". I would be quite happy to mumble through that, on the basis that if and when I find God, I will then know my duty and do it.
  • My kids need to follow their own hearts. Their beliefs are up to them as mine are up to me.
  • My (atheist) dad told me that, because I am Wiccan, I will no longer be welcome in his house once I turn 18. He isn't going to kick me out yet, but as soon as I turn 18, I have to leave forever. (I'm just glad I never told him I am bi, because he said he would kick me out immediately.)
  • I'm not an Atheist by my beliefs don't neatly fit into one sect of organized religion. I would want my child to be educated and exposed to various religions and for them to make a choice when they are older as to what makes sense to them. My husband is an atheist and we've had this conversation, he also agrees it's a personal choice. Whatever they chose, would not upset me in the least. Unless whatever religion it was involved the sacrificial killing of puppies, then I might have a problem with it.
  • No. I would ask why and debate as I would with anyone else but it is their choice, not mine.
  • As a Christian, I expect my children to eventually find their faith in one form or another. My oldest is experimenting with various spiritual paths. I know she will find the one that suits her in time. I suspect it will be similar to mine, but it's not a necessity for my happiness. I would, however, be more than sad if she were a complete non-believer. Why wouldn't that upset me? I'm hoping to spend an afterlife with those I love. I'd hate to be missing one of my children.
  • I would be upset if my child was something that she didnt want to be. We know church is just an organization to get your money and your time. All the ones around here are meeting places for dinner afterwards. Its all about God. Which is nothing, it only means they dont know what or who they are talking about.
  • It wouldn't matter to me (childless).It doesn't matter to me what my friends or family believe ;)
  • as long as they were happy and not doing any sacrifial slaughters then id be completely and totally fine with it ill make sure to raise my children to be open minded, respectfull people, that will follow ONLY what THEY believe in and thats all theyll need as far as religion goes
  • I allow them, like I was allowed, to make up their own minds. I have made the correct choice for myself, I am the only one that has to look at myself in the mirror. I give them the same opportunity. We discuss aspects of many, many different religious beliefs as questions arise. they are curious, much like I am, about world religions. It does bother me, however, that their father insists on stuffing Catholicism down their throats. Especially since, when we started our family, we agreed upon how to raise them in that respect and let them find their own path. But, if I do my job correctly and raise open-minded, naturally curious adults there will be no amount of brainwashing that can poison them :D Bless!
  • I am a Christian. My fiancé is an Atheist. My parents let me choose my path and I will do the same for my child. If you force a child to church they will learn to resent it and grow up to be the “Christians” who say they are but don’t follow the Christian path. You can’t have true faith when your heart is full of resentment. Christianity is something you choose, how wrong would it be of me to force my children to do something that my own parents gave me the choice in.
  • Well if I was a Christian I wouldn't be upset because there is something called free will however I am an atheist and I would be really upset if my son became a Christian. Why? Well it is a set of irrational beliefs from the Earth being created, to Adam and Eve, to Noah, Moses, Jesus, etcetera. I would want my child to question everything. However if he was following the morals of religion (thou shall not kill, steal, ect.) I wouldn't mind because that in return helps society. As of accepting a God, I would have a problem but everyone has a freewill.
  • It would depend on what his/her religion and interpretation of choice would be. If they rejected reason and logic in favor of blind faith as many flavors of the big monotheisms demand then I would be, yes.
  • No. Honestly, it's their decision, as long as they wouldn't be dicks about being Atheist, Theist, or Agnostic. I'm Agnostic BTW, and a former Catholic (17 years)
  • Hmmmm - I might be concerned and perhaps a little upset if my kids were drawn into what I believed was a cult. If they decided to become a believer I would try not to disparage too much (after all, I was one myself for many years) but they could expect some challenging debates!
  • My son does believe in God. He thinks most elements of christianity are stupid but goes to church anyway. Doesn't bother me at all. He knows I don't believe and could care less.
  • As a Catholic I wouldn't be upset because my child would be baptized. And they would grow up in the church so they would most likely come back to the church.
  • I am a Christian and if one of my future kids became a Atheist, I might ask why they choose that. But I wouldn't freak out about it like most, they choose there path to take. I might try to see if they would change, but if they no or they'd think about it I'd know that it was Gods will!!!
  • sure kid.... good luck :)
  • sure kid.... good luck :)
  • I would be seriously disapointed, that I had failed my son so completely. But it's his choice.

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