• A regular exercise routine, and a sensible diet. A lot of ab work won't hurt either.
  • Remove the spare tire from beneath the rear of the vehicle by inserting the tire wrench shaft through the bumper and turning it counterclockwise until the tire has reached the ground.
  • There is a small flap on the right side of the license plate. Under this flap is a Lock cylinder/plug. Insert the ignition key into the cylinder, turn the key clockwise and remove the cylinder/plug fom the opening. Using the long rods in the kit behind the seat (under the rear seat if an extended cab or crew cab) connect two rods together and inset the large squair end of the rod into the opening and engage it with the spare tire winch. Slide the squair opening on the tire wrench onto the end of the two rods and turn them counter-clockwise to lower the spare tire to the ground. Keep turning the handle to get lots of slack in the cable. Push the end of the cable through the spare tire and turn the support plate sideways so it will pass through the center of the spare so you can remove it.

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