• Depends on who you talk to, really! If you believe studies such as those of Kinsey, where the men measured themselves and sent in their results, the average length is over 6 inches; however, the studies where the men were measured by an independent person at a hospital or centre generally found an average length of between 5 and 6 inches. The Kinsey study suggests that either the men lied a little or that the smaller men were too embarrassed to send in their results! At any rate, for a woman to gain pleasure from sex, it is thought that most of the stimulation needs to occur in the first 3 inches of the vagina and from stimulation of the clitoris, so if you are small, it does not hamper sexual activity; a large penis does not mean a man is good lover, and vice versa.
  • damn only 6 inches??? My boyfriends 8 inches when hes not erect and 11 when he is!!!!!
  • Darn Kat, your boyfriends got me beat. Mines 7" soft and 10" hard. I'll show you if you like?
  • Average length of erected penis is 5-6" (12-16cm), and girth 4-5" (10-13cm).
  • the average length of a erect penis is 5 to 6 inches
  • Man, horse, hamster, or sperm whale?
  • Depends if you ask a woman or the man.

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