• born in the us. pay taxes. be a good liar
  • Have a pulse.
  • There are none now we have a foreign national as President.
  • 1. You need an MBA from Yale (it comes in handy when redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich, stealing it to give it to your rich cohorts, causing as much debt as possible, calculating the price of gas to be paid while fighting wars for oil, etc.). If it was bought instead of earned, all the better 2. You need to have a brain fried on drugs and alcohol 3. You have to be a devout born-again Christian Fundamentalist 3. Being able to pronounce the word 'nuclear' is optional 4. You need to know how to steal 2 consecutive elections 5. You need to come up with really catchy slogans like "War on Terror" so you can manipulate the masses thru fear 6. You need to be thoroughly arrogant, self-righteous & misguided (or missunderstated) 7. You have to have absolutely no regard for public opinion 8. You need to have zero accountability for your actions 9. You need to be able to tell the world that "god told to do it" with a straight face 10. You need to be really fast at ducking shoes 11. You have to be in denial of the world around you and your own ignorance and malice There are more but if you meet the above, you'll qualify
  • Be rich or able to be led by rich people Be corrupt Be a druggy or drunk Lie with ease Appoint the same type of people
  • *Sigh*
  • you might have to go to college for it

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