• That would be a definite YES, While body piercing, would appear to be the fashionable thing these days, it is important to realize how this is perceived by the public at large. This type of behavior is often seen as a method of expressing individualism, or lack of a personality, Corporate environments are Team oriented, therefore, expressing your individualism can create the impression that you are not a team player, which is corporate suicide.
  • Oh, yes. Some career fields have standards of appearance that facial piercings break. I work in civil engineering, The clients I work for are spending incredible sums of money on their projects and are naturally conservative about it. They want solid and mature engineers working on their designs. Facial piercings are viewed as an immature fad and there have been clients that have taken business elsewhere because they did not trust the maturity and judgement of the pierced engineer.
  • Yes it does. you can take it out long enough for the job interview, then place it back, but once you get the job you'll have to remove it everyday you go to work. I work with Officers who have facial and ear piercings and they have to remove the items while on duty.
  • It can be problematic for securing a job, but then on the other hand it can be completely irrelavant. Like everything there are varrying factors, such as industry, OH&S, and personal beliefs. Its hard to say one way or the other, but in direct response to the phrasing of the question: Yes, it can prevent you from getting a job. The good part is a matter of opinion.
  • Yes, but piercings and tattoos are getting more common every day. Soon they wont be able to hire many people. Its becoming more and more accepted.
  • Thats a big 10-4! people who have facial tatoos and piercings are thought to be in a class of people, all their own. Its just not dignified. How would you feel if you called the police and a police officer arrived at your front door with a pierced nose, ears and tongue? how much confidence would you have in this person? Enough said.
  • I think it is likely because our society still judges the book by its cover. It doesn't mean that person is any less of a good choice for the job than the next person but the perception is they don't "conform" with the system and therefore may not follow the boss's directions. I've seen people in a suit with less work ability than someone in bluejeans. Clothes are not always what is key but what is inside the heart and mind of the person in them. I had a similar problem when I was younger and the style for guys was long hair. I was a hard worker but got comments from older people that I was just a "hippie" when I had a better work ethic than some of them. Don't know waht they were trying to evoke by calling me a hippie other than that was their way of saying I didn't fit their view of a conformist I guess.
  • Your chances of getting a professional job are slim to none with facial piercings. It is highly unlikely that you will get hired at most places except maybe head shops and hippy hang outs.
  • Yes. I have learned not to judge a book by its cover, but not everyone has and it is asking a lot to require a potential employer to see a potential leader in someone who is putting self-expression over professional appearance. What they see is a need for a person in a position that requires a person to relate to a wide variety of people without calling attention to himself/herself. Such a person must be willing to represent the company. The person who insists on wearing items that stand out in a crowd may be a wonderful artist, a wonderful person, a great teacher, or a successful individualist, but employers are looking for people who are willing to not be individualists on the job, but team players. There are many areas of life where extreme self-expression are to be applauded, but practically, this can be a hindrance in upper level jobs. It is just the facts of life.
  • Yes , unless you're in curtain sales and you can show your products by hanging them off the rings.
  • In a word.........YES! I believe that personal expression is important and absolutely relative to who you are as a person. If they really make you happy then get them, but do it knowing that you are making a statement. Things like facial piercings and gold teeth send the message that you don't want to be taken seriously as a professional. Let me be absolutely clear about this...I know some brilliant people that have facial piercings and facial tats...but I would hesitate to take them into a board meeting with me, because they are telling everyone in the room..."I know what professional dress is and I'm not going to give you the respect of complying with it." Its closed minded and stupid, but it's like table manners...there's really no point in arguing with them. Either do it or don't, but be ready for some disapproval if you do. Hope this helps
  • Yes, they can really affect the kind of profession youd like to go into. But, there is a way. I cant remember what theyre called, but basically there like a very clear ring, (they dont have to be a ring though) that can hold your piercing, so you dont have to take it out and theyre not visible. And when your done work, or its the weekend you can replace them with your regular body jewelry of choice
  • There is always the exception to the rule and like it or not, they do not give the best impression (bear in mind that the impression you make upon a stranger is created within the first 3 minutes of you meeting them). Think of it this way: if you had a really serious court case against you which was complex and carried a 4 year jail sentence, what would you think if the barrister you hired turned up in court sporting an eyebrow ring, tongue ring and one in his bottom lip. Would you think "this guy looks intelligent and serious and capable of fighting my corner or would you think "Good grief, he does look as if he can construct a basic sentence let alone fight a court case". It's just one of those things that most mature adults do not have any desire to have facial piercings at all - look around and you will see what I mean. As you get older you tend to change your perspective on things and what was once rebelious and trendy sometimes becomes unattractive and childish at 35. If you want a good, well paid job then you have to demonstrate why you are worth the salary on offer. This means maturity - on all levels and facial piercings are one of the things we do when we are young adults who are not quite there yet.
  • that all depends on how you define a "good" job. any job i would consider to be a good one i'm sure facial piercings would have no effect on whether or not i actually get the job. if anything, it would help.
  • what do you consider a good job to be? it's hard to answer without knowing that. although, i'd say that your overall odds of getting a job are better if you have minimal or no facial peircings. so, the odds point to ... yes!
  • That really depends on one's definition of "good."
  • no,i have my nose and my labret pierced and i have 3 good jobs 2 at the hospital and 1 at the servo and have never had my bosses complain at all even the one that hates piercings i think its all about how you present your self and your piercings just dont over do it.

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