• If you are single AND can maintain the iron discipline needed to shunt maximum cash flow to a 401(k), you can do it for quite a while, maybe a year or so, before you burn out. Nice to see some folks have such a strong work ethic and can plan for the far future.
  • I would do it if I were you. Provided you can manage your time, don't have school, and can limit your spending (no sense earning all that money if you spend it on energy drinks...) then I see no problem with it. However, be sure that you get a good amount of sleep every night. Keep in mind you will have little time for meals, TV, exercise, friends, etc. If you can deal with that, then go for it. When you're young and have energy, capatilize on that. Wish you all the best for a rich future!
  • Working 2 jobs when you are young won't necessarily help you when you get "old". Furthering your education in order to get a BETTER job is a better way to go.
  • Consider starting a home based business with a reputable network marketing company, sharing a product you believe in and can be interested in. Find a program with a dynamic team and a coach/mentor who will help you. Also look for a good educational system in that company that will teach you skills and attitudes that will help you build your business AND become a better employee in your job. Don't let your family and friends steal your dreams. Love them; respect them; and make your own decisions. Of course, if you are married, give your wife extra respect and make sure you have her support.
  • I can't tell you what to do, but I always had 2 or 3 jobs at a time when I was in my 20's. I was able to still have a full social life, including long-term relationships, do volunteer work, go to school, and work out regularly. I had a lot of energy.;) I disagree that you will burn out after a year. It depends upon what kind of second job you work. If it's something that you have to do 5 or more days a week and if it is physical and/or mentally draining, that is one thing. But if you work a few hours at a low-stress job then that can be your spending money and you can increase your 401(k) contributions at your full-time job, and purchase IRAs. Good part-time jobs include receptionist (many times you can read while you're there, if the place isn't busy), or cleaning offices (it's just a couple hours a day, right after work, and it's fairly easy). I am very glad to see a young person who is motivated to work hard. I know some young people who are not like that. You should be proud of yourself for being so hard-working, and make the best of it. Good luck.:)
  • Stop living like it's going out of style.....If you want riches, you have to sacrifice. How did people live in the 1800's and get rich? They didn't have TV, cable, computers, computer software, video games, over priced clothes, un-nessesary automobile transportation, fast food, or even fancy furniture.
  • You are planning to affect your health.Are you planning to use your extra income to pay doctors´ bills? Even if you are now young yo are going to pay the toll later for work excesses.
  • Do you have a progress report? What did you decide to do? How is it going?
  • Are you planning to move up the ladder in your career now? If you are, I would work only on weekends so that you can devote time during the week to your job. Weekend work can be really great! To make more money, I would suggest jobs where you work little hours but make GREAT TIPS! If you live in a country that has tips. For example, waitressing would be great! But it depends on your personality and if you would enjoy that. You could make great money waitressing. If you are not into the food industry. I suggest SALES! There is always big money in sales! But if you are afraid to talk to people on the phone that you do not know, you may have to over come your fear to get the job done. If you work during the week day afternoons/ will be burnt out on weekends and practically probably sleep all weekend. Your time to your friends, family, loved ones and/or pets, etc (hobbies)...will be limited. Also, ...recently I spoke to a 50 year old man that said he was afraid to die tomorrow and have not lived or done anything that he has always wanted to do in his life. Simply because he worked hard all his life. He is well off and wealthy from my point of view but still feels this inner urge that THAT MONEY isn't enough but for some reason he's afraid that he'll just wake up one day and be dead. He also thinks that waiting until he retires to go to a ballet and travel the world is rediculous because he may not be able too (knees, back, etc). Just a story to think about.
  • Yeah. Put that time into getting an education so that you can work half as hard for half as long and retire with some money. Working yourself into poor physical and mental states now will not help you later in life.
  • You could start a small ebay business - those are fairly easy, especially if you know how to fix something. You could buy things off of craigslist and try to sell for a profit on ebay. Otherwise you could try and get a paper route - but those require working odd hours. I would also suggest craigslist to look for part time work if you have any labor experience at all - good luck.
  • Did you get that second job? I think that if the second job has a huge social component to makes some sense. I suggest sitting down with a professional financial advisor who can show you many different ways to have your income that you can live well and retire early. Had I saved $20 per pay from age 21 I would now have $800,000 for my retirement. I didn't. Crap.
    • 11stevo73
      what a load of BS complete and Utter.
  • I, personally, could never work that much. I know that some people can, though: I've seen them do it. I think if you're the kind of person who can work a lot, then I think your reasoning is sound: work more now so you can work less later. I mean, it makes sense. But, out of respect for your family and friends (and yourself), pay attention to yourself. You want to be the first to know if working so hard is affecting your life negatively. Don't go into this blindly, because a person can really wear themselves out sometimes.
  • Go ahead work hard as you can, its time to make money and then retire early and enjoy your old age, there are people who work 90 hours per week, why not you.
  • I did a similar thing. My company forced us to work overtime every week. After i realized that i was never going to get married or have kids, i started to save my money. I was 31 then. I invested as much money in CD's and stocks as i could. I retired when i was 44 and i'm now 58. It is great to have a lot of free time to myself. It does have it's drawbacks though. For one, i let a broker invest my money and he invested most of it in the financial stocks and the big 3 automakers. That is $270,000 that i stand to lose now. If i do i will have to get a job again. Also when you retire at a young age, you get a lot of crap from jealous people around you.
  • Do what kyle bass did and make a billion dollars taking advantage of the economy the way it currently is now!
  • Where I am from we call that grinding. Do your thang and grind. Get money.
  • hell yes it will give you leave way as long as you do not overload yourself specially nowadays employers dont like you going over that 40 hour limit. some people work jobs that get 60-70 hours a week it is nothing and you can still have a life you just need good time management skills tho. also i had family that work 2-3 jobs at one time 2 full time and one part time job you got to remember full time job is defined as anything over 25 hours if i recall it correctly.
  • Depending on if you have little ones or not. If you do, then spending as much time with them when they're younger is going to make a big difference in their lives. If not, then I would take that second job.
  • The worst thing to face in life is at some future point in time you think to yourself, "I wish I had _________________." DO whatever you feel you want or have to do. If it works out, then you've successfully confirmed you're on the right track. If it doesn't, you can confidently move on to something else without ever having to wonder... ...what IF...?
  • 5-7-2017 How much do you already have in savings? If you can't save it doesn't matter what you do, you are going to die broke. Take ECON 101 at the local college. Ask the professor what other classes to take. Keep studying until you don't need any advice from anybody. During that time, buy silver ingots and hide them at home, NOT in any company's vault. By the time you finish your schooling you will be pretty well fixed for a lifetime of investments, and smart enough to choose them yourself.
    • Jewels Vern
      It is possible to do very well by trading silver and gold. The ratio of prices varies from 30 to 80, so when the ratio is high you swap gold for silver and when it goes low you swap silver for gold. You can almost double your stash in two trades that way. But it's awfully boring.
  • I did that out of necessity not choice. I missed my son growing up, made myself sick, and prematurely wore my body out. Money can't buy back time or health. Also statistics show your work suffers. I wouldn't recommend it.

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